Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Love is Blind

Its amazing...i find the tagline "Love is Blind" is really amazing...How amazing? Well, some people is willing to do anything for the person they really love just to be with their the other half even though their the other half is a bitch or a bastard...I also find it amazing that what a person can do n sacrifice just for the person they love even though they know there's no future in that particular relationship...y is that so huh? Is love really that blind?

Some people would even give up a great pure love to be with somebody else that dont love them as much as the person who gives great love...sigh...sad isnt it..General people that read this wouldnt know what the hell im crapping here...but bear in mind, my blog is always for myself to understand only... :P

Now, why is it that we dont appreciate great love? I dont know why also...It just happens i guess...I got a particular friend that told me...these kind of things is happening everywhere...Example, this particular girl has a bf that loves her so much, but she is willing to give up that pure love to be with someone who she loves but she knew the new relationship wouldnt last long anyways..but she still went for it...at the end, she n her new bf broke up just a few months after...See! A girl who willing to give up great pure love for someone she loves eventhough she knows it will last for a while only...Weird!

And imagine us girls always complain that no one really loves us...! Bullsh1t! The actual fact is that when we have one, we tend to runaway from it! Cause all of a sudden, she afraid of being too committed! Damn..n in the first place, she always ask for commitment from her partner..when she gets it, she runs away! DAMN!!Its stupid...i find it really stupid...

Why cant we all just sit quietly n be contented to what is given to us..the PURE REAL LOVE!! instead of a puppy love! At my age, i dnt think having flings, puppy love n all the love game/drama is interesting anymore...the courtship might be interesting, but the "lets know each other all over again process" is sooooo damn tiring...u gotta learn his sh1t again (all over again!), what he likes, what he dont like, bla bla bla...Oh i forgot to mention the mind games...damn..its soooo tiring..n now i find it stupid...why cant people just be straightforward n quit playing mind games...i hate it when guys play mind games on me...But i have learnt alot...i have learnt it all from one great master who has been playing mind games with me for five f*cking years! But of cuz i am no master yet...i still have loads to learn...but then i believe i can handle most of the mind games...hehehee...I dont know what else to say..but this topic love or any related topic about love never fails to amuse me...It just gets more n more interesting each time n more n more complicated each time...Well..now im praying...im praying that my life..n my love life gets better n better...

Hope that i will be loved for the rest of my life...Wish that my future husband will not cheat on me at all unlike others that the husbands always cheats on their wives without fail...Wish that i'll have at least 3 healthy good cute kids...hehehe...Wish that i will not have financial difficulties in my life...hehehee...sounds like a dream huh...hhehe...well, it is..without a dream, how can i achieve it... :P

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