Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Platonic Relationships???

Something has been on my mind for a really long time...the question on my mind is that whether a guy n a girl...opposite sexes, can they actually just have a pure friendship relationship without falling in love with each other at all? I never actually believe that a guy n a girl can only have a platonic relationship n no love or sexual feelings involved...I mean how can that be?

Maybe minority of them can do it...but come on, maybe u guys can think like "oh we r really just friends..." dont tell me any of u guys never had any single feeling or thought at all? I believe either party will have that kind of feeling..u know either admiring, love, sexual thoughts n etc...One of my so called friend tried to make me believe that a platonic relationship can actually happen between the opposite sexes...n i did try to believe in him...so yeah, i started to really try to have those kind of the PLATONIC relationship with opposite guy friends...but come on, being me...i cannot stop imagining things...hehee....especially to those good looking ones...n for god's sake, i even dreamt of me doing stuff with the good looking friends...damn! or either, the other party kinda fall for me..or me kinda fall into the trap...i mean, its really hard to make a guy n a girl stay just friends or purely close friends...

Some of u might disagree with me cause i know some of my friends really do have opposite sex as best friend n purely platonic...but pls think my dear friends, ur so called opposite sex friend, they never liked u before? or u never liked them before? I dont believe! I believe there must be some story going on between u guys before u guys actually turn best friends right? Probably ur this so called best friend was ur ex...lol...thats y they can be ur best friend...cause they knew u too well!

This issue is in my thought because my so called ex is going after my good gal friend here...n when i think back, last time..when my ex n i had a problem..he would go to this girl who he claim as somebody he can talk to the closest n ask for advise about his relationship problem with me...n the weird thing is that, i also went to her with my problems with him...so she is kinda like our middleman..trying to make things solve between us...i used to kinda hate my ex talking to her so much of our problems because im a firm believer that a couple's problem should only remain between us n not any outsiders...but he claim that he needed someone to talk to n he feels comfortable talking to her as they both click well (n he somemore say he will never like her!).....so watever...i dun wanna care so much as she is a very good friend of mine...n i of cuz trust her...but once my ex said that, i knew one day both of them will end up being together...n yeah, now he's going after her..saying that he feels very comfortable talking to her, he feels he click well with her..n after spending so much time with her, he realise he has fallen for her...wateverrr....i just told him that...see! i told u that u would one day fall for her...but i didnt mind..as me n my ex is over..n i knew we would never reconcile..So, for him having such a nice girl in his life, i honestly feel happy for him...at least its better than him going after some bitches that i hate...hehe....

Well, she is really nice...come on, she even asked me if its ok if she decide to be with my ex...how many bitches would even ask u that! So, yeah..i know its good..they both kinda look cute together too...hehe...Alright..thats it i guess...i was just wondering can opposite sexes can actually have platonic relationship? Enligthen me! Let me know what u people think out there..or just think among yourselves...but i still find it hard to believe that...im still looking for a guy friend that i can actually have platonic relationship n not having any dirty thoughts or any other stories with him...lol...i hope my thinking is wrong..but so far my thinking is still true though... :P

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