Monday, May 14, 2007


I finally get to do this.. May tagged me a long time ago.... i have forgotten bout it until today i read her blog again... hheehheee... here i go....

Part 1: On the outside
Name : Jane Soo
Date of birth : 8 Aug
Current status : in a relationship
Eye color : Dark brown
Hair color : real color, very dark browm... current color, dyed with purple red
Right of left handed : right..
Zodiac : oink oink

Part 2: On the inside
My heritage : pure chinese.. if u want me to be specific, im 3/4 hokkien and 1/4 hakka.. lol
My fear : being lonely, darkness, creepy crawlies
My weakness : fall in love easily...
My perfect pizza : crispy crust hawaiian with loads of cheeseeeeee...

Part 3: Yesterday, today & tomorrow
Your first thought waking up : got msg or not huh...
Tomorrow : is another boring day
Your bedtime : not consistant
Most missed memory : for now, it about last year... even though last year wasnt a verrryyy good year... but still...

Part 4: Your pick
Pepsi or Coke : coke
McD or Burger King : dont mind both
Single or group dates : depends
Adidas or Nike : Nike
Lipton tea or Nestea : Lipton tea
Chocolate or Vanilla : depends
Cappuccino or coffee : coffee

Part 5: Do you...
Smoke : yes
Curse : yes..but i try not to curse in front of my church friends.. hehee..

Part 6: In the past month
Drank alcohol : yes...
Gone to the mail : yes
Been on stage : yes
Eaten sushi : yes...

Part 7: What were you doing
1 minute ago : assignment
1 hour ago : assignment
4 1/2 hours ago : cooking dessert
1 month ago : bored as hell
1 year ago : i guess i was happy..

Part 8: Finish the sentence
I love : you...
I feel : sleepy
I hate : being fat
I hide : nothing...
I miss : you baby...
I need : to graduate!!!

Part 9: Tag five people
1. sarah
2. michelle
3. mel
4. ???
5. ???

i know no one will tag.... sheeshh.. its ok...

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