Thursday, May 17, 2007

This is sooooooo cuteeeee!!

I got all these videos from my friend jon who email me.. so cute k...

See this one below.. ninja baby!! or bruce lee's baby... hahahahaa

This one below tells us why our kids need animals with them... at the beginning is kinda boring..but towards the end..fuh! cute!!!

enjoy people... hehee..

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Michelle said...

Don't worry girl, u sure can graduate on time one, u are close to finish line already, just need to hang on there for 1 more month then u can enjoy the fruits that you bear for so long! I'll be the first who cheer for you! Add oil and the best of luck for your FINAL exam k and I'll meet u in the finish line soon!Love you babe and it's so proud to have a friend as pretty and sexy like u!hehe...Rock on ya! *wink*