Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Thought of the Day..

My thought of the day...

Is a woman considered a big bitch/idiot for not loving someone when that someone gave its whole life dedicated to her?

Or is she a bigger bitch/idiot for loving someone who dont love her as much as she does?Is it sooooo wrong when that woman decide to chase and choose her own happiness instead of giving into the relationship that she is not happy about?S

ighh...For those who watched aquamarine....there's one part in there that says..."There is a reason why everybody wants love so much""Because Love is the closest thing we have to magic..."It made me think...hmmm...is love really that magical?

It is i guess, cause when i think about it, because of love, many people are willing to do alot stuff just for love...love can make people cry for happiness and sadness..love can make people happy...extremely happy...love can also make people have butterflies in the stomach, sweaty hands and etc...it can also make people change 360 degrees, can make people think about the future and also worry about the future....how wonderful and magical is that?

sighh...thats all for my thought of the day... i always that blurr about love...confused as ever...emotional as ever... bah!

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