Saturday, June 09, 2007

Got Tagged...about 4 things of something...

I got tagged by Jordan about 4 things of something la... here it goes...

4 Jobs I've had in my life
1. Modelling (Fashion shows, hair shows, etc)
2. Brand Ambassador
3. No 3 and 4 la.. cause i never really worked in my life...

4 Movies I can watch over and over again
1. Old times cartoon like disney's cartoon, woodywoodpecker
2. The Notebook
3. Lake House
4. yeah and Stephen Chow movies too...

4 Places I've been on Vacation
1. Australia
2. New Zealand
3. Hongkong
4. ShenZhen

4 Of my Favorite Dishes
1. Assam Laksa!!!
2. Nice Nice Hot Soup (any soup will do cause im a soup freak)
3. Nasi Lemak
4. Crabs!! with the eggs...

4 Places I would like to Visit
1. New York
2. Paris
3. London
4. Amsterdam!! ehehehe... for the weed!!! just jk..

4 Most overused Words
1. you arr...
2. fuck!
3. damn...
4. shit!

4 TV Shows I love to Watch
1. Sex and the City!!
2. Desperate Housewives!!
3. Heroes!!!
4. love stories anime..

4 Bloggers I am Tagging
1. rojakmaumau
2. Calvin
3. peikei
4. Cody the Altis... hehehe..

Thats all i guess!!... Damn..10 more days to exam!! 21 more days to freedom!!!


bloomingtree said...

and don't forget the 11 days of missery in between! Good luck in ur exams. Now that's you've listed so many things out...more space to memorise those formulas and theories.

Bobo the Bimbo said...

Good luck on your exams!

piglet~ said...

jz passing by... nice blog!! =)

MonkeyWong said...

Hehehe....I like Stephen Chow, very funny!

More links to ur blog will increase ur Technorati Authority.

Study hard n good luck! :P