Friday, August 24, 2007

Im back in Penang! BAHH!! @_@

Im back in Penang!!!


Life's not good in Penang!!

Know why? Keeps on arguing with my parents!!

Morning wake up kena yelling... Night before sleep kena yelling again...


Why do i keep on arguing with my parents???

I wanna go to KL for work... my parents says no! I keep on insisting, they also keep on insisting NO!!! We argue like crap la k... Seriously no peace staying with parents i tell u!! I am used to be in Australia, doing watever whenever i like... I tot im suppose to feel like ... Ahhhh...Home... Home Sweet Home when i get back to Penang... But i actually feel like.... AAARRGGGHHH HOME!! NO PEACEFUL LIFE HOME@!!!

They say if i insist of working else where... no car for me!! Damn!! i hate it when they use money to control me...shiattt.... FIne... then i give in... Fine i will stay in Penang to work!! But to make matters worse, they wan me to work with them!! Fuck la.. at home always quarrel n argue and have lots of differences in opinions with them somemore, sure die man!!! Sure argue moree!!! haihhhh....

I hate my life in Penang... no peaceful moment!!

It always like that... whenever im about to settle in and be comfy in my own room... or about to fall asleep, they will come barging in my room and ask me to do this n that ... "eh, go fetch ur sister to school, tuition.. bla bla bla..." or my bro; "sister, fetch me to tuition..." or my mum "how come the computer cannot email??" *slaps head* Oh...the best part is... i usually like to stay naked in my room especially after i bath, i like to take a million years to wear my clothes...and my mum would suddenly use my room key n open my door!!! @#$%^$#&$#$ *double slaps head* NO PEACE K!! NO PRIVACY K!!!!! In Australia, i can stay naked the whole day in my room and no one will come disturbing me!!! FARK!!! Im starting to wonder is it a big mistake to come back for good!!

Now, im agreeing to work in Penang... with condition that i will go to KL whenever i can!! Give and take la mum!! I will feel damn blardy miserable without the touch of love from my darling wan u know!! I am only back in Penang for 5 days! and i already feel blardy miserable... so lost without the touch of loveeeeeeee!!! Somemore forced to work in Penang!!! @@##$^@%#$@%@^# (if only there are special swear words that i can use to describe my feeling)....

IS it really that miserable staying with parents ha??? Cant they understand that im so used to my own freedom, my own judgement, and especially im so used to doing watever whenever i like... suddenly they need to come controlling me like this... i feel so suffocated!!! I need my space man!!

Ok, dont bother me... im at blardy annoyed mood!!

On a happier note, Im going off to KL tomolo... will be travelling around to Malacca as well!! I am gonna be in KL until 2nd September!! I am so gonna enjoy my life in KL this trip cause i dont know when will i be able to go down to KL again after this as i have to start work already!!! *sob* *sob* Im gonna celebrate merdeka in KL... Hopefully my baby will bring me to putrajaya to see the merdeka day celebration... then at night, clubbing... muahahaha....

Hey, im looking forward to meeting you guys in KL... and u guys know who u r!! Call me k... my number still the same!!

Off to my suffocating world again... bye!!

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Michael Song said...

let's catch up in kl someday... or mayb when i go penang lar k... ciaoz...