Monday, December 17, 2007

Whats Your Plan on New Year's Eve???

What is your plan on New Year's eve?? You! Yeah you... reading this...

U wanna know wats my plan?

At first i thought i just wanna settle in somewhere quiet and comfy with someone i love and thats it... Yes, i've turned into a boring person ever since i started working... But everyone have been bugging me n asking me what am i doing on new year's eve.. when i told them my plans, they were like +_+ and added "Come on la Jane!! Do something more interesting la!!"... I guess im getting old and feel too old for all the happening nonsense anymore... =__= """" (I want to feel young again!!) Anyways... while i was working today, i got abit lazy and decided to blog hop around... kaypoing reading other people's blog and of cuz, the blog that i never miss to visit everyday is Kenny Sia's... Then i saw his short talk...

"Short Talk:

AD: The hottest new year's eve countdown party this year will be at The Boulevard, Midvalley City KL.

Wanna win elusive tickets worth RM100 each? It's easy. First ten bloggers to blog about the Midzone Countdown 2008 Party, publish the event logo on the sidebar, and inform me about it win TWO tickets to the event, guaranteed.

The code for the event logo is this: "

And of cuz, i went to visit te website... and i saw these lines...

"Be a part of Kuala Lumpur’s MOST HEART THROBBING, VISUALLY STIMULATING and MAGNIFICENT countdown party of the decade to welcome 2008!!

MidZone Countdown 2008 is the MOST ANTICIPATED New Year Eve celebration in Kuala Lumpur. A FIRST to marry choreographed fireworks display with pulsating dance, and it is Fireworks Artistry at its Best !

Featuring a SPECTACULAR line-up of International DJs – DJ Stoneface & Terminal (Euphonic, Germany), DJ Matthew White (Hungary) and VJ SORT (Kagawa, Japan) and many more, MidZone Countdown 2008 will be a phenomenal WORLD-CLASS experience that will blast your every nerve and send your body craving for MORE!"

Waaaaaahhhhhhh!!! The lines makes me wanna scream in excitement... MOST HEART THROBBING!!! STIMULATING!!!, MAGNIFICENT!!!, MOST ANTICIPATED!!! SPECTACULAR DJs!!! WORLD-CLASS!!! And they even have CHOREOGRAPHED fireworks display somemore!!!!

And the best thing is... you'll get FREE 3 F&B Vouchers per ticket!!

I wanna go!! I wanna go!! Kenny, can i please have the tickets??? By you giving me the tickets, u will definately makes me life much more interesting... Or else, im gonna die of boredom working almost every single day of my life with ridiculously low pay!! Please... I need to feel stimulated!! I need to feel sexy and re-energized once again!! Please... Gimme... Come on... Or let me sing you Britney's song... # Gimme... gimme..Gimme more... # OK, I'll stop singing before the skies turns purple.. ^_^

If i get the tickets, i'll see the rest 18 of you bloggers there alrighty??? We will all party together... dance together... yell together... get naked together... yeeeeeeehhhhaaaaa!!!


WoMbOk™♂ said...

"get naked together..."

That last line is a killer!

Nice blog LadyJane :)

JenKin Yat said...

OMG why you wanna get naked in a party?