Thursday, February 07, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Chai!!

Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!
Kung Hei Fatt Choy!!!
Happy Chinese New Year!!!
Selamat Tahun Baru Cina!!!
Kiong!! Kiong!!!

Arrhhh... Watever... Happy Chinese New Year people!!!

Im feeling so sleepy n tired now... but im still blogging... cause its CNY!!!

Happy CNY to all my friends in Adelaide.. I know CNY there is not as happening... but its still nicer in Adelaide ok!! I miss Adelaide so damnnnnn much ok!!

Today (6th February 2008) is the 30th night of the day before CNY... What did i do? I went for a reunion lunch and a reunion dinner with my family of cuz... Lunch was with my dad's side relatives at my aunt's house... and Dinner was only with my siblings and my parents.. and Dinner we went to G Hotel for Japanese food.. Yeah, we did not make any booking for restaurants... we did not even plan of wat to eat... we just walk in to anywhere we felt like eating n eat... In my family, things like these, we dont need to have any special plannings... we r spontaneous like that... ^__^

After dinner, we went n buy fire crackers and played fire crackers at home... Hehehee... in Penang, its easy to get firecrackers... Even its illegal, but so wat.. everyone is playing them! I felt like a little girl all over again when playing firecrackers... Whheeeee...

By the way, the reason of me blogging today is to of cuz wish all my lovely people out there who still reads this pathetic blog Happy CNY and to share something with u all... which, i believe most of u all have done it... But i finally to just share it cause i think i have been slagging off on blogging for a long time...

Kenko Fish Spa... Yeah, i just love this place... I did this fish spa thingy in December when i was in KL for Christmas Holidays... But right after i did it, so many reviews about this Kenko Fish Spa place came out from other blogsite.. +__+ (I really should be working harder on updated good shit stuff k!)

argghh... sorry... have to stop this entry all of a sudden... having major headache.. promise to come back in several days with my Kenko Fish Spa experience... n Yes, i know... what happen to my Jay Chou event... i took alot of pics.. will blog about it after the Kenko Fish Spa thingy k!... Love you guys!!

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Michael Song said...

happy new year... and gong xi fa cai....