Monday, May 26, 2008

Something about blogging....

Below here are the statements i took from The Obnoxious 5xmom... I love her writings and i always wish that my mum is as cool as she is...

On the 15th of April 2008, She wrote Ten Things Bloggers Wish Their Readers Know About Them...

- Bloggers don’t give a rat-ass what their readers think of their blogs.
- Bloggers are always right eventhough they lie all the time.
- Bloggers only blog when they feel like it.
- Sometimes money comes first before pleasing their readers who read for free.
- Bloggers don’t take kindly on being told what to write.
- Bloggers are not living in the same world as them.
- Money bloggers earn does not come from their readers but strangers who come by through the search engines.
- Bloggers are not their community service board.
- Different bloggers blog for different reasons, so don’t make wrong assumptions.
- Some may dig and welcome your comments, some hope people will talk less and think more.
- Bloggers are not the blog and the blog is not the bloggers. And if you cannot understand this phrase, please go sit in a corner and ponder.

I just totally agree with her statements above... Its not like i have loads of readers like she has... but sometimes n most of the time is frustrating to have readers who dont really know the real me, making assumptions of the type of person i really am based on what i write on my blog....

My blog is a place where i rant... is a place when i pen down the happenings in my life so that i can remember n look back in the future... I may sound like a suicidal, sad woman in blog when i write about my love life... but in actual fact i am never the suicidal type... life is much more than just dying la... cuz i dont need to show the real world i am sad n seek attention!!! So, i rant in my blog!

I know some people commented my blog is like a sad woman who always sound so suicidal... lol... cuz one of my friend told me that his collegues actually read my blog n ask why do i sound so suicidal n am i alright... LOL... when i heard that, i laughed my head off....

Especially nowadays, i know i have 'new' readers... my collegues... Hi Collegues... I know u read my blog.... Please re-read the statement above and below written by 5XMOM.... to understand more of blogging world... (cuz my collegues dont blog, i think)... really dont like people to make assumptions without knowing the real me first...

I had to say this.... cuz Office Politics and Office Gossips is soooo damn scarryyyy!!! Im more afraid of office politics n gossips much more than watching ghost movies or even seeing a ghost itself!!! Its actually more stressful to handle office politics n gossips than the office work itself... dont u all agree...???

Anyways, below is another post written by 5xmom.... Please re-read again n aain to get it into your head ok... (Specially for people who likes to make assumption n judge people without knowing the real person first...

When I am a blog, I am not your friend

When I am a blog, I am not your friend, comrade, chee-mui, bunch of housewives, reliable dear thelma.

When I am blog, I am not your sister, mother, auntie or long distant cousin’s auntie yadda yadda yadda.

When I am a blog, I am not your church-y fren-si, holey-moley person, self-righteous, unblemished, sugar dripping out of my mouth person.

When I am blog, I am not the regular law abiding citizen.

When I am a blog, I am not someone you can trust.

Get that in your mind.

Repeat the above a million times.

Drill yourself that if every blogger writes to please their mother, fader, sister, blader, church pastor, Buddhist monk, Hindu priest, Prime Minister, opposition leaders….then……

there will be no farking blogs worth reading at all!

Get that?

So, take a pencil and draw a bold, bright line that a blog is not a person. It is just a freaking blog for reading pleasure. Just like you can chuck a magazine you hate into the dustbin, you can just do yourself the favour of clicking the red box with white x.

Dont u all think 5xmom aka Lilian Chan is such a hilarious, fun, cool person/mother... I love her la... really....

So plase get all those in your head k!... I seriously banyak takut scary people!! Sometimes humans are much scarier than ghosts!!! Seriously ok!!

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andrew said...

helloz =D nice la ur posts!! but i feel blog to some individuals is really to express themselves freely where else some might just wanna get something out of it on top of that!! as for me, i just wanna write blogs so that next time in the future when i read back, it would be something meaningful!! memories afresh!! =D *cheerz* you have a really nice blog tho