Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Its confirmed!!!

Its confirmed!!!!

I have decided to go diving again!! At Pulau Dayang, Johor... Yay!! I cant wait!!! Heheheee... Bad news is, im gonna waste more money... -____-"

I was thinking, if i dont go this trip, i wont have anymore chance to dive this year.. so might as well just go la... then come back eat sand (direct translation from hockkien) for the rest of the month... ehhehhee...

But still... i cant wait.. After my Pulau Dayang dive, i will be qualified to take advance open water already... yay!! Will take it next year... cause i will be so broke after the trip... Heheheee....

Another good news... Its confirmed!!!

I got my E-vite for the Nuffnang Nokia Slient Halloween Party!!!

Now i have headache... have to seriously really think what to wear for the party.... :D :D :D :D :D

Will see u nuffnangers there ya!!! Bet we gonna have loads of fun!!!

Ok, gtg... more updates after i come back from Kuching... *another waste money thingy* *swt* *swt* *swt*

P.S: Anyone going to the Mamma Mia the Musical? Im goin too.. booked my tickets to watch them already... going with my dearest parents and siblings... Its so damn hard to book the damn tickets wei... I got quite shitty seats as well... haihh....

Take care peeps!!!


Simon Seow said...

Yeah, I'm thinking what to dress as too to the party. Headache, headache.

zewt said...

diving... it's a very expensive hobby i must say... have yet to get myself doing it.

Anonymous said...

If only I can go to the party :(