Sunday, January 04, 2009

Being Single Does Not Mean You Are Lonely!

Being Single Does Not Mean You Are Lonely

If you are single odds are more than once someone has told you how lonely it must be being single.

Yet the truth of the matter is there is a huge different between being single and lonely.

In fact if you are single and lonely it is better than being in a relationship and being lonely because when you decide to overcome your loneliness the only thing you have to lose is being lonely whereas the person in the relationship who decides to overcome their loneliness risks losing their relationship as well.

When a person is single it means that you have not made a sexual commitment with anybody. You are free to see whoever you want whenever you want.

When a person is lonely it means that they have a feeling of emptiness and a general disconnect from people. They can not freely express themselves or choose not to out of a fear of being hurt.

Being single has nothing to do with being lonely.

In fact many people are single because they are NOT lonely and don't need or more accurately refuse to settle for someone less that what they expect or deserve.

Many people are in a relationship because they are lonely or felt lonely when they where single. Furthermore many people in relationships still feel lonely only they have some other expressions for it because they are hiding their true selves from both their partner and the world out of that fear of being by themselves to face their loneliness.

Overall if you are lonely it doesn't matter if you are single or in a relationship. In order to enjoy life you have to enjoy being with yourself all by yourself sometimes.

If you are single you have the advantage that once you take care of the loneliness in your life all you will have lost is the loneliness and if you want you can begin a healthy relationship that you can have control in.

However, if you are in a relationship and have chosen to take care of that feeling of loneliness you not only risk losing your loneliness you also will risk losing your unhealthy relationship as well.

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Simon Seow said...

I never felt lonely being single.

Anonymous said...

it's true lor, being single doesn't mean being lonely... it's all about your mindset and attitude! if you can't even stand your own company, who else can? :))))))))))

Michael Song said...

mana got lonely? got me as teman... kekekeke

Anonymous said...

being single means being desperate!

The older you get the more desperate you be!