Thursday, February 02, 2012

Im a married woman!

Hey ya peeps!

Its a no surprise that im married! Hahaha... Managed to make my wish comes true with the help of the almighty God! :D

If you are friends with me on facebook, u would have already known i got married last December... Like i said in my previous entry, my plan was to get registered end of the year and get married by march 2012 then have a baby popping out by end of dragon year!.. But God was so nice to help me achieve my dream a few months earlier with a little push and miracle.. Giving me a baby! :) A few months earlier ok la.. I dont mind.. As long as i have a kid on dragon year.. :D God has been very nice to me lately by granting my wishes.. maybe because i have been good n nice.. Not ruining my life anymore, changed the way i was to a better person n thats y God is rewarding me for good behavior? Hehehee....

Even though financially not stable with my new hubby, but im sure everything will work out alright with God blessing me.. :) I dont need to live a super rich life.. Just comfortable enough to not have to worry all the time?

My wedding was quite a lavish one.. Celebrated 3 days in a row! 2nd December 2011 was my side's wedding dinner, 3rd December 2011 was the wedding ceremony in the morning and 4th December was my husband's side wedding dinner... Very tiring but it was a good experience! Seriously it was very tiring n hectic that i had no time to feel nervous about getting married, didnt really enjoy the wedding itself.. I felt like i floated past my wedding ceremony times.. a week or 2 after the wedding then only i felt the aftermath.. Like, OMG.. what did i just do? Im a married woman! Still cannot believe it until this day!

When i was a little girl, i used to always imagine how would my future husband look like, a fairy tale wedding (cause i always watch those disney fairy tale love stories) and end up, its nothing like those in Disney movies... And i told my hubby.. yerrr... So u r my husband.. :P and this how the father of my child look like.. Hehehehe... Finally its all happening... Im married! Still feel surreal though...

How's married life, u might ask? It feels the same as not married though.. cause i was already living in with my hubby before i was married.. So everything felt the same.. Its just that i tried not to cause arguments when its not absolutely necessary.. Before married, i used to blow up on every single small things... Now i learn to compromise n give in a little bit more (even though i have already give in alot before i was married).. After marriage is like, i try not to argue or fight as often as before i was married... Somehow i believe, so much arguing dont do good to marriage... But now, im trying a different approach.. As in when my hubby pissed me off, he will know.. but i dont have to yell or argue for him to know.. I guess this is a good thing.. as we both knows each other really well to the point that we both knows wat each other is thinking...

Anyways, cant wait for my baby to be out.. Just found out 2 days ago that the baby im carrying is a baby girl! Girl or boy doesnt matter! As long as she's healthy... A girl can play dress up with her... (downside is of course spending alot to doll up a girl)... Now my most look forward to moment in my life is when my daughter is out... No doubt giving birth is a very scary thought.. But i guess its all worth it for your own flesh n blood..

Anyways, if u all are interested to read my baby stories, please feel free to drop by in another blog of mine.. Exclusively talking about baby stuffs.. and i update there more often than here... As nowadays, my life is not that interesting or happening like before.. My life revolves around family, hubby n baby... So of course this blog will be abandon more...

My baby blog site is

Thats all for now.. Dont know when will i update here again... But if u r interested in baby stories, go to the other blog ya... Bye bye... :D

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