Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Blogshop! Nouch Trend Online Boutique!

Hello guys,

Just a quick update here! My friend; more of new found good friend Sandra, just open her new blogshop selling wonderful pretty women clothings! And seriously, the quality that she sells are good stuff; excellent quality stuff.. not like those cheapo pre-order clothes that from the picture looks nice but when the real thing comes looks super turn off man...

Yes, the Online Boutique name is Nouch Trend... Pronounce it like 'Notch'... The meaning is kinda like 'Top Notch Trend'.. TNT will blow you up! *Hahahaha, i kinda just made that up!* *excuse the lameness*

As you all know, i have been addicted to online shopping lately and i have a good friend who just opened a new online boutique.. Confirm i support my friend more wan la..

Just so u know, she personally hand pick those clothings.. She goes to the wholesaler store and pick it out one by one.. So that the quality is of course confirm good... All her items are limited... Which means one specific design probably comes in 2 colors or max 5 colors... Very unlikely to find her stock having the same color and same design.. (of course unless specified)

She buys all stock in hand, so which means she has ready stock at her home.. If you want it, you pay it and then get the item the next day!... No need to wait like those pre-orders for almost a month! Usually i wait until 'no fire' for that clothes adi man... And if you are from Penang itself, u can self collect from her! Save on shipping fees!

Some of you might think the pricing is abittttttt more expensive than others that are selling online.. But u have to remember lo, her's are definitely good quality.. Confirm wont disappoint you! Somemore she personally hand pick wan... So the price is worth the quality..

Her Online Boutique tagline; "We Do Not Sell The Quality That We Do Not Want To Buy! i.e WE DON'T SELL WHAT WE WON'T BUY!"

She has good taste and everybody women out there of course wants to buy good quality affordable clothes.. Therefore, her clothes are all confirm lovable by you all la...

Please support support abit by clicking 'Like' at her Facebook Business Page

And also add her as friend in Facebook Profile Page

Since she has just started, For now she is selling women's clothing.. Later on will venture in selling bags and accessories...

She is a very hard working girl, i must say... She works full time helping her husband's business and then do this as part-time... Before she was married, she sell clothes before already.. but not on the internet, so now, she is trying to venture into this online business even though its so damn competitive.. Thats why she need support from her friends, like me! And i need your support to support her!

For your extra info, she even registered her company legitimately under The Companies Commission of Malaysia (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia or SSM)... This shows how serious she is in this business and confirm legitimate... Dont have to worry she is a conman la... Hahahahaha...

To show you some of the wonderful quality clothes she sells.. Here... here...

This Dress is only RM28 and comes with the green belt!

This one RM35 only!

This is a chiffon top that comes with the special necklace and its only RM30!

This top comes in 4 colors...Black, Blue, Pink and Red and its RM35

This long dress only RM38.. and you can glam it up with your own accessories..

The rest, im kinda lazy to write more cause its 6am already! OMG SO LATE!!! If you are interested just go to Nouch Trend Facebook Page ok! All complete info are there...

This long dress above is my favorite man! Looks super good for tall busty girls.. You can show your cleavage elegantly through this dress!

Oh, she takes her own photos and edited it herself.. cause she said; so that people can see it clearly on how the quality really looks like... Honest seller, i tell you!

If you wan to see more photos; Click here for their Opening Specials and here for their this week's New Arrivals

Thats all for now... Bye bye.. and yes, i will update about something else more interesting soon ok!