Thursday, June 28, 2007

Welcome to Adelaide!!!

Welcome to Adelaide...

Adelaide is the capital city of the Australian state of South Australia. It is the fifth largest city in Australia, with a population of over 1.1 million...

Adelaide has been my home for over 3 years now... When i first came here, my first reaction was "OH MY GAWD!! THATS IT?? THE CITY IS JUST THIS??"

Yes, Adelaide is a small city... but a very nice and comfortable place to study in... cause u know why? There is nothing much you can do after 5pm! Shopping centres and other shop houses close at 5pm... and the restaurants here closes at 11pm... If u r hungry after 11pm, COOK AT HOME!

view of the city

We have very nice buildings here in Adelaide... oh did i mention that Adelaide is also known as City of Churches and a Sister City of Penang? Y city of churches? because Adelaide has lots of Church la! duh! Sister City of Penang is because errmm.. remember Captain Francis Light landed in Penang n took over Penang? Francis Light's dad took over Adelaide... thats y its called a sister city of Penang... hehehee...

South Australia's Parliament House

The Railway Station Building cum SkyCity Casino... The railway station is underground...

I live right in the middle of the city where the one and only biggest mall is right opposite my house... everything is basically a walking distance from my place... Here in Adelaide City, we shop along the streets... ehehehe... It called street shopping... Our famous shopping street is Rundle Mall...

This is Rundle Mall... They often have street performers performing on the street here in Rundle Mall... See that guy? He is performing with dancing puppet!!

This is Adelaide's very own Chinatown!! Yeah, we have chinatown here... our wet market/central market is here as well...

There's one thing that i definitely like about about this place is the free bus services!!! I got to hop into the the free bus travel around the city for free... So, yeah... being a lazy person like me.. i dont have to walk to uni! yay! and the good thing about it is... FREE!!!

Our free colorful bus!!

Can u see how clean is the bus??!! It so clean ok... not like Malaysia's public bus... yukkk... its so comfortable to take busses here that i actually feel proud taking busses ok... LOL!

We do have beaches here.. Our famous beach is called Glenelg Beach....

Can u see the nice clean beautiful white sandy beach??!!

and not to mention, u can oogle the girls suntan their bodies... sometimes, topless... hehehee

Thats all i guess... oh before i forgot... here is a picture of my uni!

Yeah, i know.. my uni looks big heh!! University of South Australia, City West Campus

Im so gonna miss my uni life when i graduate... *sob* *sob*

P.S: Please go to Christien New's Community for the similiar entry... and of cuz to learn more things from there... :P

i wanna die of orgasm!!!!

I wanna die of orgasm after seeing this!!!!!

It comes in red too!!!

Introducing you the world's slimmest notebook by Dell!!!

Dell XPS M1330!!!!

Go read here for more of its technical specifications...

Its freaking cool k... it so light and slim (only 1.8kg!!)... comes with built in 2mp camera k!!... Combo CD/DVD burner, card reader, the processor - Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T5250 (2MB cache/1.5GHz/667Mhz FSB), the memory ram is 2GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz and its 120GB of hard disk space!!!!! What more can i ask for a laptop??? AND IT HAS MY FAVOURITE COLOR!!!! REDDDDDDD!!!

I wan the RED one!!!

Mummy!!! I wan this laptop as a graduation present... pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.... i beg u.... i promise to be goodddddd..... pleasseeee.... i need a new laptop for work and etc... U know my laptop cacat adi ma, mummy... pleaseeeeee.... i love you..... pleaseeeeee..... or u borrow me money first to buy then i return u back later, can? mummmyy...please... i need to have it!!!

Cannot adi... i die die also want to have this laptop no matter what!!

It cost at about US$1479... buy online will be cheaper... so i want it... arggghhhh!! im going crazy!!! I am serious, i am going to get them even if it cost me my life...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007



Anyone seen this car, please please let me know??? It belongs to my best friend's....

It was stolen around 3am in the morning, this early morning (26th June 2006) in Penang, somewhere near Penang Chinese Girl High School...

Let me quote what she said ....

"Ohh well....I know there's not much use posting this up, but at least better than nothing =/

Yup, the car belongs to my was stolen prolly around 3am onwards last night...

There you go....the car's GONE now....freaking GONE...f*cking car thieves...

Just take whatever you want from the car and give us back the damn thing after you tear everything inside apart la.........!!!

Really damn TL nia! I hope you'll suffer from the flesh-eating disease at the later life, be eaten inside out by rotting termites and maggots, have your hands reeled over by the road-tarring truck, your legs chewed off by Siamese crocodile, and have your stupid d*** bitten by the snakes...

On a calmer note, anyone who has any news about this, do let me know la, arigato.."

Maybe the car might be out of state by now..or prolly in Thailand.. like wat my best friend said... so anyone from anywhere in the world.. please help to look out for it??? The number plate not that hard to remember right??? PET 9333

Does anyone knows where to find stolen cars? I mean, where the heck does car stealers sell the car or watever they do with it? Anyone have any idea???? Please, please let me know???

Thank you very very muchie!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Second Paper Today...

I did my second paper today!

Forecasting Business Analysis...

Result: Crap... but i can write more compared to the first paper i did...

I went in sorta late... went in like 9am sharp... There is like 45 MCQ and 2 essay questions... The MCQ totally.. blur... I was practicing on the mcq question given by my lecture prior the exam... all came out totally different... shiat... So, i ting tong tiang la... damn... i think out of the 45 questions, i really know 10 only...

The essay part... dieded also..cause i cannot explain the definition and the purpose of using all the u know "exponential smoothing", "ADRES".. etc... watever.. only ppl who took forecasting before knows wat i mean.... im praying n hoping to get just a CP la.. P2 also dont dare to hope k... damn... cause there are 3 sections in the exam, i have to pass every section in order to pass the whole damn paper... how shit is that man!! thats y lots of people fail this bloody paper.. damn! -__-"

Anyways, i managed to bullshit through my essay... hopefully got something there... damn, im like soooooo sleeeepy now... slept for like 2 hours only yesterday...

On the happier side, i went to eat dimsum for lunch after exam with my friends! And today they serve 'bak chang' man!! fuhhh... but of cuz, as expected, it sucked... how nice can a bak chang be when it is made in Australia... especially in Adelaide.. -__-"" But its ok, cause beggars cannot be choosy! I havent eaten bak chang for like 3 years adi man!!

After eating dim sum, i walked out of the restaurant and saw this in the sky......

Its an advertisement in the sky....!! Cool right?? Its suppose to be "Assured Home Loans"... the wordings were too long n big, so i had to take 3 different pictures of it... and by the time they finish the second word, the first word is like smeared... so i quickly took each word after its done... hehehehe...

And i was telling my friends... how cool will it be if next time ur future husband is freaking rich n generous enuff to pay people to write "will you marry me?" in the sky!! Hahahaha... That would be sooooo touching!!! I've only seen it in the movies... so yeah, i dont think it'll happen in reality... ;P

Thats all for today...

Next paper Wednesday!! Macroeconomics!! Dieeeeeeee.... anyone wanna offer to teach me Macroeconomics? I know for most of you its an easy paper... to me, its bloody hard k... dunno GDP here, GDP there... dieee... somemore dunno what aggregate here aggregate there... die man...

6 more days!!! Hahahhaaaa... cant wait!

Cya peeps... come back again!! Muaaccckkkssss!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

my first attempt in drawing..

This is how i literally feel now... so near yet feels sooooooooooooo far....

P.S: i know its a freaking ugly drawing.. but watever.. i dont care... (at least i try ^_^) actually, this is how i look like now... ARGH!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

First Paper Today....

Today i did my first exam of the semester...

It is called Advanced Property Valuation a.k.a Valuation of Investment Properties

Result of the exam : DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!!!!!! would really take a miracle for me to pass this blardy exam!!! So freaking harddddddd!!! Damn shit k... Our lecturer told us to study our assignments and tutorial questions and we would be fine!! Fine my ASS k!! All the questions came out is like totally different!! When i saw the first question, i was like.. SHITTTtttt... wat the fuck is this man!! Never seen before... die la.. skip to question 2... die again... question 3... damn... i think i seriously will fail...

Now seriously, it will take a miracle for me to graduate now... -_______-"

Its really crap la.. my gawd!! So freaking hard..everything is so different!!!

My lecturer came into the exam hall looking all cheerful and happy... i started imagining him, skipping around the hall... singing # la la la..fra la la la...and in his mind "muahahhahaa, u all gonna fail.. i've set the hardest question ever... die students! die!!!"... -_-" seriously, he really looked that happy k...i really dont know why he looked so happy... somemore comment "wow, u all are early.. good good" and give us the biggest smile.. blueckk!!

In the middle of exam, the usualy me if i dont know how to answer the questions, i'll look around, kaypo abit here n there to see if any students have the situation as mine... to no surprise, hell alot of them seriously like me... NO FUCKING IDEA!! The aussie guy that sat on my right side, when he read the questions, he straight away flop, putting his head on the table... yea, i know what this means... for the whole 3 hours, he was like..sighing... putting his head on the table while writing, went to toilet... u know la... the usual things that students do when they cant answer the blardy paper... Some even throw tantrums, and some...for example my friend who is sitting my left side, writing all the way like nobody's business!!! damn!! ... Me on the other hand, i stare around the hall, day dreaming, stretching here n there, eat lots of mentos, sighing here n there, drawing piggies on my rough paper for my lecturer to see (cause usually lecturer will check your rough paper to see how u come out with the answer when he dont understand what u r writing in the official exam booklet) and thinking lots of irrelevant stuff... heck, i was even thinking of the South Park series that i was watching recently ---> the part where Cartman always say, "when human dies, they will crap"... LOL... and i was basically smilling to myself during the exam... crap..i am really damn crappy...

Second paper..coming this Saturday... its Forecasting Business Analysis... I bet sure die again... sighhh...

So no mood adi after my first paper sucked!! blarghhh...

Friday, June 15, 2007

Walking Zombie...

Yes yes... im officially a walking zombie... never sleep the whole night for like 4 days adi cause exam is coming.. no time for anything else except for studies...

Please bear with me for lack of entries but there will occasional whining entries about my exam la... My blardy exam is just around the corner! First paper Tuesday! i wanna go berzerk adi... am so not ready for it yet!!

All i've been doing is study from night till the next day morning and sleep only after 2pm... n wakes up like 7pm study... of cuz not stuying the whole time la... u know got the occasional lepaking, eating more than i should n etc.. U know, like surf the net more than i usually do when i dont have exam... sigh!! My sleeping cycle messed up.. im like vampire or an owl now... cause whenever i see sunlight, it hurts my eye!!! damn!!

Seriously, when exam is around the corner, i seem to have more important things to do besides studying.. its like suddenly doing laundry or cleaning up room is more important than studying when usually im so freaking lazy to even clean my bloody room..

So yeah, i promise some very good entries when i finish my exam k but now please bear with my whinings n nonsense... i really got many things to blog about man! All on hold because of the exam.. After exam, Im gonna blog stuff about friends bday party, one about my life as a student in Adelaide, one about Adelaide (which i know some of u never even heard of!!! and thinks Adelaide is sooooo damn ulu...) So, it'll be like travelblog... ahhahaa... I'll post up lots of pics until u all can die wan k!!! When i go back Penang, i'll blog about my Penang Food Award!! and of cuz, the happening things i do when im back in Malaysia! hahahaha... damn, cant wait to go back Malaysia... My heart n soul is already back in Malaysia la!!!

So please stay tune... eheheheheeee... Love u all... and thanks for supporting!!!

walking zombie, signing out...

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Got Tagged...about 4 things of something...

I got tagged by Jordan about 4 things of something la... here it goes...

4 Jobs I've had in my life
1. Modelling (Fashion shows, hair shows, etc)
2. Brand Ambassador
3. No 3 and 4 la.. cause i never really worked in my life...

4 Movies I can watch over and over again
1. Old times cartoon like disney's cartoon, woodywoodpecker
2. The Notebook
3. Lake House
4. yeah and Stephen Chow movies too...

4 Places I've been on Vacation
1. Australia
2. New Zealand
3. Hongkong
4. ShenZhen

4 Of my Favorite Dishes
1. Assam Laksa!!!
2. Nice Nice Hot Soup (any soup will do cause im a soup freak)
3. Nasi Lemak
4. Crabs!! with the eggs...

4 Places I would like to Visit
1. New York
2. Paris
3. London
4. Amsterdam!! ehehehe... for the weed!!! just jk..

4 Most overused Words
1. you arr...
2. fuck!
3. damn...
4. shit!

4 TV Shows I love to Watch
1. Sex and the City!!
2. Desperate Housewives!!
3. Heroes!!!
4. love stories anime..

4 Bloggers I am Tagging
1. rojakmaumau
2. Calvin
3. peikei
4. Cody the Altis... hehehe..

Thats all i guess!!... Damn..10 more days to exam!! 21 more days to freedom!!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007


I need help from my readers can??

Please Please help me do the poll in Advertlets which u can see it at my side bar in the column that says 'Support My Sponsors'... I need at least 50 people to fill in the polls before the advertisement can run... please?? pretty please help?? But please fill the polls with your real answers la... so that i will know whom my readers are... and if alot of my readers are under 18, i'll die la.. cause most of my entries are mainly for above 18 la... Therefore, i need to know my readers in order for me to write properly and improve k.... thank you people for helping... there, give u guys a big big kiss.... MMMMUUUAAAAKKKSSSSSS!!!!

To those of you that have done it.. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!... When im rich one day from the adverts, i will treat u all teh tarik k... eheehhehee.... Love you guys as always!!

p.s: ok, i admit, i got this idea to ask people to fill in the Advertlets polls from Jordan...Thank you Jordan! eheheheh... at least i give credit right? ehehhehe...

More Quizzes from Blogthings...

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

How Do You Communicate?

You Communicate With Your Ears

You love conversations, both as a listener and a talker.
What people say is important to you, and you're often most affected by words, not actions.
You love to hear complements from others. And when you're upset, you often talk to yourself.
Music is very important to you. It's difficult to find you without your iPod.

Hmm... i listen with my ears?? Not very true la.. i dont listen if i dun wan to... I always make my own judgement...

But true la, what people say is important to me.. i always wlcome feedbacks n criticism... but doesnt mean i'll take actions base on people's opinion... and yes, i love to hear complements from others.... ehehehe... and also yes, when im upset, i talk to myself...screw myself for being silly... ehhehe...

How Much Lust You Have?

Your Lust Quotient: 57%

You are definitely a lustful person, but you do a good job of hiding it.
Your friends would be surprised to know that your secretly very wild!

Not so true again.... Yes, i admit i am a lustful person... but all my friends knows that la... ahahhhaa... they dont have to be surprised that im a lustful person...cause they all already know... muahahahaa...

Whats Your Love Style?

Your Love Style is Eros

For you, love is all about the passion!
And chances are, you're currently in love.
You have a strong physical response to love...
And you are great at committing
(As long as the person makes your toes curl!)

This one is very very very true... to me, love is all about passion and good communication of cuz..and yes, im currently in love... ehhehehe... ^_^

Friday, June 01, 2007

Fairy Tale Ending...?

Have u guys always think that ur love life will have a fairy tale ending??

I used to think so when i was new at relationships and when i was naive...

Now... HELL NO MAN!!

Ok, lets be fair k...

U meet someone that u love adoringly sooooo much... u feel like u wanna marry him/her... after being more than 5 years together and u still havent get married to that someone u love... trust me, u guys will be doomed soon...sure break up wan... even though lets say u guys manage to get married, isnt it just feeling obligated to marry that person? cause its just responsibilities u have..that u think u just have to marry that person cause u r so used to that person being might as well marry la.. right?? So wanna marry someone u love, just marry that person at most after 3 years of courtship.. or else u r doomed.. trust me, i know.. i've been there before..

Another situation...

Ever thought of prince charming? Like u know, snow white stories, cinderella that kind of bullshit? I bet most of you girls always dream that one day prince charming will come save u from ur pathetic life and sweep u away with him right? Eh, i dream of that too la.. But how possible is it to get a prince charming come saving u? mind u, my prince charming definition is he's good looking, fucking rich, treat u nice, adores u like a princess, but his character wise, u wouldnt know..cause u r sooo blinded by his charm n the love that he's giving u.. but its a plus la if u get someone which has good character, loyal n honest... what if he doesnt?? then u r fucked isnt it? I think its bullshit that such man still exist k... Ok, so what if he's really a prince charming? After u guys got u think its really a fairy tale happy ending like the stories in cinderella, snow white n shit? Hell no!... Once u get married, hell will come take over! Hell starts to break lose when u start to argue bout money... or he will start to cheat on u or u will start to cheat on him... yes, women does cheat nowadays.. its a fair world now... especially when he is good looking, its hard to take care of him k... cause u know, nowadays alot of gold diggers, sluts n whores like to look for married rich men! Cause they r so stable.. thats y women like that likes married man!

and as i know, older men r really fucking horny guys k... as i've said before in my previous entry, the older the men r, the hornier they get cause they r bored with one pussy and their dick gonna malfunction soon, thats y they start exploring different pussies...

and i find it sickening that men actually go look for prostitutes... its not like i look down on prostitutes la cause i know some do it because they have no choice... but then, its still sick to go look for prostitutes... imagine their pussy has been fucked by so many guys before... like old disgusting guy that cannot get laid, wrinkly dick... or worse, maybe the dick has lots of infection and u wouldnt know it... and u go look for prostitutes? Those doctors would know wat i mean (imagine all the DNAs, baterias swimming in the pussy, URGGHH!)To me, only lame men goes for prostitutes because they r probably too scared to find a gf, or they r too ugly to get a gf or to get laid... and girls, imagine ur husband or bf go for prostitutes and they come back fucking u.. putting his dick that has been into a dirty prostitutes (God knows how many disease r in there) into ur nice clean pussy... eeeeewwwww... disgusting right?

ok, i know i've gone out of topic..but wat the heck.. have to get my point across ma... As i've said, so what if u got married like a fairy tale ending.. when u give birth, there's another problem... more financial problem.. more shit will happen.. like what if your kids dont turn out as good as u expected.. what if ur kid turn out to be someone useless... thats y i say, there will never be a nice fairy tale ending in a human life... probably there is.. but i think its only like 1% of the population in the whole world... the more i think, the more i dont feel like marrying... it scares me... this world has too much sins n temptations... nothing is safe n sure anymore cause no matter how angelic u r, u will still slip n make mistakes.. seriously, if one day i get married to a man that doesnt cheat on me or i dont cheat on him... i think its really a blessing from God... and which means i've picked up a gold! yay! yeah.. dream on.. >_<

To be honest, i do sound like im sick of relationships right? Actually no! i love to be loved by someone... but i just dont have confidence in my love life anymore... my love life never been easy on me.. i went through lots of complicated shit in relationships... but i know, mostly its my fault.. i bring into myself la basically... cause if i dont let a man into my life, things wouldnt happen right? But i always want to be loved... so, i have to bear with the consequences... wat to do, i dont like to be lonely!!! thats y!!!...

Sighh..i guess i blab too much adi... this blog is made out of frustration last night cause i couldnt sleep... i guess i couldnt sleep its because i got too many things on my mind to worry about... well yeah, my life is really complicated... n i blame it all on me...

Take care people.. yeah... i guess i'll be seeing all my bloggers friend soon... yay! cant wait!! 28 days more yeah... hahahaaaa....

P.S: Im not implying bout my current bf... this is just my thoughts about relationships in general... my bf very sweet la k.. hehehe... ^_^