Sunday, October 21, 2007

I Love You Baby!

You are the guy whom I first met in Royal Adelaide Show.

You are the only guy who dares to talk to me when I was in a very depressed, pissed off mood when I first met you in Royal Adelaide Show.

You are the loudest and the most annoying guy that I have ever known as a first impression.

You are the first guy who saved me from my worst depression ever in 2005 by talking to me every single night thus causing you to go “fishing” at Uni the next day morning. I still could remember all the crap we talked those nights until today.

You are the guy who brought me to a dinner date and we ordered Steak and Salmon as our main course. You said something lame to me: “Hey we both ordered the same food cause both starts with S".

You are the first guy who brought me to the beach at night and drink wine by the beach. But we did not manage to finish the wine as the weather that night was too cold and windy to be at the beach for too long.

You are the guy who made me remember until today how nice the Tolberone Cheesecake in Elephant Walk is. That was one of the sweetest moments of my life.

You are the guy who always dragged me to uni with you so that I can study properly for final exams.

You are also the guy who accompanied me till morning when i was studying for exams when you dont even have exams.

You are the first guy who wakes me up in the morning and waited with me in the bus stand during my exam day.

You are the first guy who never fails to kiss to me every morning before you go to uni no matter how late you are.

And of course, you never fail to kiss me good night every single night before we sleep.

You are the guy who came running to my house whenever my house in Adelaide has a blackout because I am too afraid of darkness.

You are the first guy who can actually really read my mind of what I really want.

You are the sweetest guy that I have ever met. I still remembered when I told you I had cravings for steak last year, and you surprised me by cooking a steak for me the next day.

You are the first guy whom I actually enjoy cooking and cleaning for without any complains.

You are the first guy who taught me how to cook egg sardines.

You are the first guy who taught me how to cook fried eggs without oil… LOL

You are the first guy whom I can actually have an equal relationship with.

You are the first guy whom I know that loves to bite me so much!

You are the first guy who taught me how to watch football and bet football.

You are the first guy who made me feel interested in football.

You are the first guy whom I actually enjoy talking football with.

You are the first guy who brought me to grange room and learn how to live lavishly there… hehehee….

You are the first guy whom I actually do so many stupid things with especially during the nights in your apartment. The frozen meat, the coke, the fire extinguisher, the glass bottles and etc...LOL…

You are definitely the first guy whom I have learnt so much from.

You are definitely the first guy who has been so patient with me from all my nonsense. Thanks for being so patient baby…

You are the first guy who never fails to cheer me up whenever I am sad or mad. You just have your way to talk to me until I have to give in and laugh with you.

I love the way you hug me to sleep every single night and by the next morning, you are still hugging me tightly.

I love the way you touch me whenever I am mad by stroking my cheek and under my chin.

I love the way u hug me every time when I cry or when I was sad.

That is why my dear, I am told by many of my friends that you are definitely bf of the year.. I have grown to appreciate you and love you more n more each day…

I miss all our sweet times in when we were in Adelaide… I love being with you all the time as I miss all our sweet and hard times when we were together in Adelaide.. I love and miss sleeping by your side at night and wake up the next day to see you snore. I miss and love going grocery shopping with you as we always seem to agree on the same things to buy n eat... and all the chocolates you bought! My gawd... and remember the time when u need a bronze cleaner? Hehheee... and of cuz, i especially miss our play fighting sessions and our drunken sessions... heheeee...

My dear, when can we have those happy times again? I miss our Adelaide life so much… Sadly, those happy times will never be back again. I just wished I had appreciated you more when we were in Adelaide. I know I took you for granted many times while we were in Adelaide. Im so sorry baby… But anyways, im glad that we r still together today; still as happy and as sweet as we were before…

Thanks for being so patient with me all these years and still loving me…

Happy Anniversary Baby!

P.S: Sorry to other people out there who finds this too gay to take.. but wat the hell… I wrote this once way before and I saved it in my old laptop… then, whoosh! Got stolen! Then I had to re-write this all over again… The first copy is way better than this one though… i wrote it with so much feelings... damn the thieves…

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Such a long time...

It has been such a long time since i blogged huh people... hehhehe...

I have been blardy super duper busy with work and blardy super duper tired after work... so thats y i dun even have energy to anything else besides sleeping...

Update of my life to my friends in Aussie...

Selamat Hari Raya People... Yeah, i know its way over.. but better late than never right??

I went to KL during raya... yes, u all would have known why... Im now taking every chances and every holiday i can get just to go to KL... (note: while writing this blog, im also damn tired even though its a Saturday, but i still have to work on Saturday till 1pm but i stayed on until 6pm today!! Gosh!!! So pardon my grammar n nonsense k)

So what did i do for 3 days pathetically short trip to KL?

I went to the new wing of Mid Valley, urrmm i think they called it The Gardens or watever la... Very High Class! but nothing interesting in there...sheesshhh...

Then the next day, i went to Pavillion...A very nice n high class place too... compared to the new mid valley and the pavillion, i like Pavillion better... cause more shops to shop and more dining places... Not to mention, Tun Mahathir's bakery is open there... I dont know whats the shop name (forgotten already)... but everybody just tell me.. "See, that one is Mahathir's Bakery".. So, lets just called it Mahathir's bakery.... heheheeheheee...

There, thats how i spent my Raya... How did u all celebrate raya?

Anyways, Remember my laptop got stolen 3 weeks ago?? Im stil pissed off about that btw... But on a happier note... I got my new laptop Thursday!!! HEheheehee... and yes, i got the red laptop by Dell that i wrote about it previously!! Heheheee... I did not get the XPS one though, cause it was not all that worth it after listening to what people has to say about Dell n stuff... and i actually decided not to get Dell but get a HP Compaq instead (cause of many blardy technical reasons la, lazy to explain but i think u all should know why) but my mum insisted on getting Dell... what the toot... all just because her friend brainwashed her about how good Dell is... so yeah... she said, i'll either get a dell or nothing... then fine lor... Dell lorr... My mum bought the brown color... which is such a plain color... ugly too cause i dont like brown k!

Introducing you my new baby.. Dell Inspiron 1420

Quite worth it for the price of RM3499 i think (forgotten exactly how much already)... It comes with Windows Vista Premium, 14.1 Inch Screen, 2.0 GHz processor, 2GB of RAM ok!!!, then dunno what 512mb Nvidia graphic card? forgotten already.. 120GB hard disk space, DVD burner combo drive, got bluetooth, card reader, built-in Web Cam (2 megapixels ok!)... and i got a free wireless mouse and a carrying case for this... worth it right? Somemore i get to choose my favourite color!! RED!!!

Now, lets see how long before this Dell laptop's hard drive spoils... Alot of people tells me that Dell's laptop will go spoil right after your one year warranty... So yeah, i bought 3 years warranty and i'll see when this laptop will fucks up...

Anyways people... Im going to the Salem Revelation Party this Saturday in A-Famosa Malacca... Who is going?? Let me know ya... we can have fun together... hehehee.... Im also thinking of attending Black Eyed Peas Concert in Genting this Friday... but my baby ask me to choose... either concert or rave party... damn shit la... i wanna go both!!... how how how? I know if i go both, it will be very tiring for my baby...cause he has to drive up and down like that... so, sigh.... I have already given up Black Eyed Peas concert in Adelaide on 2005... now it looks like im gonna give it up again... sighh.... Anyone got free BEP tickets to give me?? Then i dont mind going... FREE wor... Heheheee.....

So thats all for now... im going out soon adi... Even though im freaking tired, im stil going out cause its a Saturday night k! The only night i can go out without having to worry to wake up early the next day to work k...

Oh ya, GOOD LUCK TO ALL MY FRIENDS IN UNI FOR THEIR COMING EXAMS K... Study very hard k Sarah and Michelle and June... Gonna grad adi after this last month of studies... so yeah.. study hard... dont be like me ya! :D

Bye peeps!! i promise to try to update regularly k... muacckksss!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Sighh... Haihhh... Sighhh..


I so wanna kill... curse... the person who did it!! Its so fucking shit ok!!

So wat that it was my fault for leaving my blardy laptop in the car??!!! Sighhh... OF all the days... it has to go lost yesterday!! @#$#^&@&^@%^@$%@#@#@#@%^&^@&**(@

So, how did it happen??

I was doing something so blardy important in my laptop during the day in Queensbay Mall... I am suppose to submit that something so very important 9pm at night online... I am so almost done with that something soooooo important... i used lots of time, energy and effort into doing that shit.... THEN, at 8pm... i went for dinner with my bf and his cousin using his cousin's car... of so many freaking days n time, i have always remembered to hide my laptop so hidden in the car that no one would know there is a laptop in it...BUT I DID NOT DO IT YESTERDAY NIGHT CAUSE I HAVE TOTALLY FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE LAPTOP WHICH WAS AT THE BACK SEAT! (Dont tell me that there's no use hiding the laptop cause nowadays they have those scanner shit to scan the laptops in the car, i know that already ok!)

I went for dinner for just mere 25mins... when i came back to the car, the car window was smashed n my laptop is gone..... GONEEEEEEEEE!!! ALONG WITH MY IPOD VIDEO!!! I have my ipod inside my laptop bag is because i was saving my very damn blardy important project in it that requires lots of space (so yeah, a blardy pendrive is not enough).... FUCKING HELL la!!!!

I lost the damn laptop its ok u know! (cause it was a blardy crap old laptop anyways)... But i lost all my notes, all my information as well!!! Those are wayyyyyyyyy more important than my laptop!!! Now im sooooo fucking depressed... so fucking mad!! so fucking lonely without my ipod! I have gone tru thick n thin with my ipod! It accompanies me when i was depressed.. when i am lonely!!! I so need it now...!! ARGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

Every single day when i come back home, i will usually go straight to my room n onine n listen to my songs in my ipod.... Its my only source of entertainment.... Now, what the fuck can i do in my room when i have no more laptop n ipod in the room!!! AAAAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!! Like today, i came back from work... went straight to my room as usual.... but this time is to stare at walls!! @@$#$#%#(#*#^%#$%

Whats more depressing is that i have to redo all my work!! ALL MY HARD WORK AND EFFORT HAS TO REDO!!! ARRRGGHHHHH!!!

Sigghhh.... sighh.... i need a new ipod... anyone willing to buy for me? How much is an ipod nowadays in the market?? I so blardy broke to even buy a new ipod... what to do, my one month's salary is not even enough for me to buy an Ipod k!!! Shittt!!! Notice that i nvr asked for a new laptop cause it shows that my ipod is more important ok!!! arrggghhhh!! fuck la!! I just cant fuck enough!!! fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!!!!