Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Seasons....

This is just going to be all words only entry...

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year 2009 to everyone!!!

I has a very nice n peaceful Christmas... Felt like i was getting old that i dont need to actually go somewhere crowded to count down for Christmas... Which in actual fact, THERE IS NOTHING TO COUNT DOWN FOR CHRISTMAS!!!

Christmas is about celebrating Jesus's birth ok!

What did i do during Christmas this year? Compare to last year... this year's Christmas made me feel very grateful that i have wonderful friends to spend my Christmas with...

First off, i was working during Christmas Eve... After working hours on that Christmas Eve, the jam was like crazy.... Ren came to office, then i fetched him to Kepong where i went to fetch Steph.... Then we went to Kepong Baru and eat our dinner there... After having dinner, we went to Desa Park City to chill and have some drinks... which we went to have Fitou Brasserie (Which serve Guinness Infused Dishes but it sucks compared to Michelangelo's)... We of course drink Guinness cause we have that RM12 off every 3 pints we purchase.... We drank n drank n chit chat, played facebook (cause we have Ren's laptop) until like 11pm... Joshua came n join us to chit chat n drink n play card games... We played chor tai tee... which i was losing miserably that night... :D :D :D

After that we adjourned to another place near Cheras... and we had Nasi Lemak which they claim its famous... Its nice la... but it was nothing very big to shout about... We continued talking n talking crap... until like urrmmm.... 2am... then we all decided to go back home...

The next day, was Christmas day... I woke up like 8.15am (considering that even though i went back home at 2am but i finally fall asleep at 6am!!)... to go to Christmas service... I went to Andrew's church at SIBKL... its located at the building right beside Eastin Hotel... :D It was good service... everyone was feeling Christmasy... I was feeling Christmasy n stonning for a while since i didnt get enonugh sleep.... After church, i went to Kepong with Andrew to go eat a very nice Char Siew Rice... hmmm.... We then head to Steph's house to wait for her to get ready then we'll pick her up to go watch movie.... we waited for like 40mins for her! Damn... in the process, both me n andrew was like falling asleep while waiting for her... cause we were both damn tired... After picking her up, we went to pick up Joshua from his house... then we went off to Kepong Jaya Jusco! Lol! to meet up with Ren and we all plan to watch movie there! AHhaahaa... weird right that we all actually went to Kepong n watch movie... lol... cause we didnt feel like going through jam at those main shopping malls thats y... so we stayed at Kepong area... ahahha.... we went to watch IP MAN! It was a damn freaking nice movie to watch k! Its a story about Bruce Lee's Kung Fu master name, IP MAN... like how he got famous... Fuhh... the movie is seriously nice... should go watch them... i give it like rating 4.5 over 5 man!

Anyways, after movie... Andrew seriously couldnt stand it anymore that he went back home to sleep... So me, steph, ren n joshua continue our journey... we went shopping... i mean i went shopping in Cat Whiskers at Sri Hartamas area... after shopping it was like 7.30pm... so we went all the way to KL and eat some nice home cook food right behind Times Square.... then fetch Ren's sister who just finished her Christmas day shopping spree.... then he fetch her sister back home first... then fetch me back first cause i was darn sleepy that i fell asleep in the car already, then fetch joshua and steph back to Kepong... and that was it for the day.... but i was cleaning the house when i get back home even though i was darn tired cause my parents coming the next day... So i have to vacumn the floor, mop the floor... clean this n that around...

Thats it for my Christmas day itinery.... hehehehee... i know this entry sounds like a boring mundane entry.... but its good to write it down so i can read back next year Christmas time about what i did for Christmas this year...

So what am i going to do for New Year's eve n New Year's day? I gonna be at Bangkok!! Bangkok baby!! here i come!! Muahahahhaa.... Noticed i blog so damn early today? cause im waiting for my friends to come fetch me, then we will all go to Penang for the long weekend... for me is going back Penang until 31st Dec then i will fly from Pg to Bangkok on 31st then from Bangkok on 3rd fly straight back to KL.... So yeah, i'll count down in Bangkok!! Should be very happening... :D

So to those who have been to Bangkok, any advise on where to go shopping for really really cheap n nice quality clothes?

Anyways... gotta go.... Going back Penang to see my "wife"! Haahaahaa.....

I still miss spending Christmas in Adelaide....

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Because i love my best friend so much....

Because i love my bestest friend in the whole wide world sooooo much....

i did this...

---->> Lady Jayne says:

+++[PhantomGaL]+++ says:

---->> Lady Jayne says:
can we get married to each other on facebook?

+++[PhantomGaL]+++ says:

---->> Lady Jayne says:
can or not?
if can i request liao..
let me propose to u first...
wait ha..

+++[PhantomGaL]+++ says:
later spoil both of our 'hang cheng' la
hahah wtf

---->> Lady Jayne says:

+++[PhantomGaL]+++ says:
dangerous signs

---->> Lady Jayne says:
wait im not done yet...
wait till i pop the question first...
(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F) (F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)(F)

+++[PhantomGaL]+++ says:
i hope you didnt kena any chee kek
lucky im not there, otherwise i might kena raped by you

---->> Lady Jayne says:
dammit... no ring emoticons..
can u like be romantic abit...
n pretend to act surprised.. blushed.. or happy..

+++[PhantomGaL]+++ says:
i wanted to
but then i find you too funny

---->> Lady Jayne says:
(proceed to giving her all my love emoticons)

+++[PhantomGaL]+++ says:
ugly loves

---->> Lady Jayne says:
there... i give u all my love adi...
urrmm... i mean love emoticons... ahhahahaa
will u marry me Melissa ** **** ****???
(no, u cannot say no!)

+++[PhantomGaL]+++ says:
yes, i will

---->> Lady Jayne says:
u just made me the happiest person on earth!
dont worry my dear... i will care for u through sickness n health, n wealth... n everything k!!
i love you!!!

+++[PhantomGaL]+++ says:

---->> Lady Jayne says:
u wan us to put engaged or married my dear?

+++[PhantomGaL]+++ says:
engaged first la
at least can advanced from there later on
or maybe break up before get to marry

---->> Lady Jayne says:
dont worry..
i will love u till death do us part..
sure wont break up wan..

+++[PhantomGaL]+++ says:
someone's been drinking too much
but okay..i still believe you

---->> Lady Jayne says:
hahahaah.... farnyyy...

5 Mins later.....

---->> Lady Jayne says:
check now
got my dear?

---->> Lady Jayne says:

+++[PhantomGaL]+++ says:
You are now in a relationship with Jane ***.

---->> Lady Jayne says:
Engaged to Melissa **

+++[PhantomGaL]+++ says:
Relationship Status:
Engaged to Jane ***

(after some other random personal conversation...)

+++[PhantomGaL]+++ says:
im going to bed now, cant believe im going off this early
oh well
this night has been the happiest so far in my life cuz im engaged to you
thanks for making me feel loved
i love you too!!!

---->> Lady Jayne says:
i love u too...
good nighty my dear...
sweet dreams

+++[PhantomGaL]+++ says:

If you all actually read up till here... u all really damn nothing to do also huh? And as lame as me to enjoy this... LOL!




Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nickelback - Gotta Be Somebody

This time, I wonder what it feels like
To find the one in this life, the one we all dream of
But dreams just aren't enough
So I'll be waiting for the real thing, I'll know it by the feeling
The moment when we're meeting, will play out like a scene
Straight off the silver screen
So I'll be holding my own breath, right up 'til the end
Until that moment when, I find the one that I'll spend forever with

Cause nobody wants to be the last one there
Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares
Someone to love with my life in their hands
There's gotta be somebody for me like that
Cause nobody wants to do it on their own
And everyone wants to know they're not alone
There's somebody else that feels the same somewhere
There's gotta be somebody for me out there

Tonight, out on the street, out in the moonlight
And dammit this feels too right, it's just like deja vu
Me standing here with you
So I'll be holding my own breath, could this be the end
Is it that moment when, I find the one that I'll spend forever with

Cause nobody wants to be the last one there
Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares
Someone to love with my life in their hands
There's gotta be somebody for me like that
Cause nobody wants to do it on their own
And everyone wants to know they're not alone
There's somebody else that feels the same somewhere
There's gotta be somebody for me out there

You can't give up, looking for a diamond in the rough
You never know, when it shows up, make sure you're holding on
Cause it could be the one, the one you're waiting on
Cause nobody wants to be the last one there
And everyone wants to feel like someone cares
Someone to love with my life in their hands
There's gotta be somebody for me, ohhh

Nobody wants to do it on their own
And everyone wants to know their not alone
There's somebody else that feels the same somewhere
There's gotta be somebody for me out there
Nobody wants to be the last one there
Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares
There's somebody else that feels the same somewhere
There's gotta be somebody for me out there

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I bought a new phone...

I bought a new phone!! Yupp... After the stupid incident, i've been using my spare phone... the Dopod 838 pro.... which has been pissing me off upside down for the occasional hang... unable to call out when it has pms n etc...

I of course did some research for the type of phone i wanted... and i actually even plan to get 2 phones... cause i have 2 lines... but haih... budget constraints... dammit...

anyways... guess what phone i got???

The New Sony Ericsson X1 / Xperia!!!

Nice nice kan??? But being such an upmarket mobile phone, the design of the box is disappointing... they should design something fancier n nicer... to suit the phone image... u know...

So pretty.... I likey the keypad... looks so classy n expensive... It should!! Its expensive ok!!

I bought this phone with the price of RM3150 in Low Yat Plaza, KL... But the cheapest price i could find in Low Yat Plaza is RM3099... I chose the RM3150 shop for 2 reasons...

1) Purely because the salesman is much friendlier n entertain me when i asked him information regarding this Xperia... cause most of the other shops i asked, i got the feeling that they thought i was just asking for fun and i wouldnt buy it.... So too bad la...

2) Because this particular phone shop, he is willing to take trade in phones at a higher price... I wanted to trade in my old Dopod 838 pro and my Motorola V3X... Other shops only willing to trade in my Dopod for RM400 and my V3X for RM130... But this shop willing to trade in my Dopod for RM500 and my V3X for RM180....

So yeah, for these 2 reasons, he got my business... :D :D :D

This is just to show u comparison between the thickness of my finger and the thickness of this phone....

I've been using this phone for one week now.... I have not much complains about this Xperia because before i buy this phone, i already did my research what is the good thing n bad thing about this phone....

So I already knew about the bad thing of this phone before i buy them... Therefore, i dont mind living with the flaws of this phone...

As been said in many mobile phone forums and due to my experience... This phone have several flaws...

1) The reception of this phone is not that good... its always showing one or 2 bars of reception only... but the line is still clear regardless...

2) The camera quality is not that good ocmpare to my previous N93i (which got lost along with my stupid incident)... My N93i camera quality is much better than Xperia... and the sucky thing about this Xperia camera is that i cannot use the zoom function if im taking pictures with 3mp quality! Dammit man... If i change the quality to 2mp, i can zoom but the zoom function makes not much difference at all, like 2 times zoom.. *total dieness* *swt* *swt*

3) The phone lags occasionally... but at times, it does get quite sickeningly slow... *only when im in hurry*

See... just to show u the size of the phone compare to my hand... :D :D :D *notice the reception only 2 bars there?*

Got my reflection... Reminds me of my wonderful N93i... I always use my previous N93i as mirror cause its damn reflective, really like a mirror... But this Xperia is of course not as reflective as the N93i... but still can do la... heheheee....

Overall, the phone is nice to use... I try not to find so much fault with it cause it cost me a bomb... so i dont want to feel regret buying them...

In case you dont know... this phone comes with...

1)4GB Micro SD card... no longer the typical Sony memory card.. yay!
2) 3.2MP camera quality... which kinda suck compare to N93i...
3) Wireless Lan, Bluetooth..
4) GPS with Google Maps and Quick GPS (which i still dont know how to use the Quick GPS)
5)2 different types of internet browser... IE and Opera...
6) Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
7) As for the ladies, its user friendly with your own nails... ahahhahaa.... not like the stupid Iphone, need your actual finger to press on the touch screen... I would have chosen the Blackberry Storm if the Blackberry Storm is user friendly with nails.. but unfortunately, the Blackberry Storm is the same as Iphone... so i decided to buy Xperia... and again, I DONT LIKE IPHONE!!! *for many reasons which im lazy to type it down*
8) It has 7 very cool different types of desktop panel for different purpose of usage... *go find out yourself what this mean if you dont know... hehhehe... i know, im lazy*
9) Include Office Mobile - includes Excel Mobile, OneNote Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile and Word Mobile...

Well.. theres more functions.. but i have no time to explore it all yet...

Thats all... and now im still looking for another phone to use my celcom line... Im looking for a phone cost around RM1K... Nokia or Sony Ericsson... preferbably with 3G, camera quality at least 3MP, light weight, small, compact (as in can easily slip into my jeans pocket)... Can anyone suggest? I was actually looking at Nokia E66... but it cost around RM1500.. which is abit costly.. Any other phone to recommend?

Arrgghh... damn sleepy already...

Take care peeps!!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Interesting Conversations

I had a very interesting n funny chat with Alex regarding Bangladesh's Eid Mubarak Festival... that is today....

Happy EID MUBARAK!!!! says:
they are celebrating eid mubarak
today everyone will kill a cow

Happy EID MUBARAK!!!! says:
mahai just now i went out for lunch the whole city is stinks with cow smell

---->> Lady Jayne says:

Happy EID MUBARAK!!!! says:
the just slaughter the cow u know

---->> Lady Jayne says:
for fun?

Happy EID MUBARAK!!!! says:
the cow was alive last night

---->> Lady Jayne says:
or for makan wan?

Happy EID MUBARAK!!!! says:
but they slaughter in front of their house
first time i see people kill then slaughter it

---->> Lady Jayne:
wahh... must be very amusing to watch them slaughter..

Happy EID MUBARAK!!!! says:
and the cow skin is selling everywhere

---->> Lady Jayne says:
did u video it?

Happy EID MUBARAK!!!! says:
yeah i took some pics
no man.. i nearly vomit

---->> Lady Jayne says:

Happy EID MUBARAK!!!! says:
mahai... the cow is alive wan u know
they slowly kill while still alive then they skinned it
cut the dick off

---->> Lady Jayne says:

Happy EID MUBARAK!!!! says:
pull intestines outs together with the shit

---->> Lady Jayne says:
i would be very amused to watch the whole process till the end..

Happy EID MUBARAK!!!! says:
yeah when u see everywhere also doing the same thing
mahai u will vomit
then they chopped off the head
when they did that, the cow can still blink it's eyes

---->> Lady Jayne says:
wah lau...
the cow nvr moo n moo in pain ha?

Happy EID MUBARAK!!!! says:
got la..
the whole morning u can only hear cow moaning in pain

---->> Lady Jayne says:
u should have video it lor..

Happy EID MUBARAK!!!! says:
then when i go for lunch
i only order fried rice
no meatball or whatever fuck

---->> Lady Jayne says:

Happy EID MUBARAK!!!! says:
i wonder why the festival here needs to kill cows

---->> Lady Jayne says:
yeah hor..
i tot indians treat cows as sacred wan?

Happy EID MUBARAK!!!! says:
that is in india
pakistan and bangladesh kills cow
they are muslim

---->> Lady Jayne says:
bangladesh not india meh?

Happy EID MUBARAK!!!! says:
your general knowledge is poor

---->> Lady Jayne says:
hahahaah... yes i dont know wan k!

Happy EID MUBARAK!!!! says:
Bangldesh is a country
India is another country

---->> Lady Jayne says:
n who the fuck care about bangladesh la...!

Happy EID MUBARAK!!!! says:
Bangladesh is 5 times the size of malaysia
there are muslims not indian
but they are black
their brain is smaller in size
so i call them stupid ass hole
just now i went to buy chicken rice
he told me chicken all that still have but the chicken rice no more
i said nvm,.. u give me chicken rice but change the rice to fried rice
he said cannot..
i ask why?? he said no
he only answer me no more chicken rice
then i said is ok.. change the rice to fried rice for me
he said chicken rice finish
mahai... then i said then how?
he said i can order the chicken then order a fried rice

---->> Lady Jayne says:

Happy EID MUBARAK!!!! says:
mahai.. i dunno what is the difference
i fuck him "BULLSHIT" so loud
he still smile to me
now u know how much blood i lost in bangladesh

---->> Lady Jayne says:
u should write this down on your blog lor..
damn funny lor..

Happy EID MUBARAK!!!! says:
eh cannot many people reading
bangldesh local colleagues is viewing too

---->> Lady Jayne says:
then i write this down my blog..

***Go read here...

Monday, November 24, 2008

This Thing Called Love....

I have been wondering... what is this thing called love that always never seem to stop making me feel miserable?

As hard as i would like to be strong and be tough bout it... I will somehow go emoish and sad about it...

I am a very indecisive person... I dont even know what i want from this thing called love...

Every single new relationship i have, i thought i have found love... But apparently, after everything ends, i realise it wasnt love at all...

I keep on thinking... Why can some other girls be so contented by just marrying someone they love but have no goals in life to achieve? Do they really feel so contented by just marrying someone who earns less than 5 figures a month and they themselves only earm RM3k per month? How can people like them feel contented?

As much as i love those fairy tale love stories... As much as i would like to be able to find someone i love in a very fated way, i dont think i will feel contented living life that always have to watch my budget so tightly...

To me the world today is very realistic.. Love does not work just by love anymore... I feel, in order to make love work... everything else have to work... Like trust, commitment, financially and the social circle...

I have a friend who is recently registered... In fact i already have quite alot of girls friends who is married already.... They all seem to be so contented by just marrying someone n be a housewife... I dont think i can do that..

I have heard many stories how so n so got marry to so n so... Some of those women even resorted to getting pregnant on purpose so that they can make their bf stay n got married to her... Sigghh... I simply pity girls like that and to be honest, i really look down on girls like that... Destroying your life just to make someone that dont love you anymore to be stuck on to you... Im not saying that having a baby means destroying life... Im just saying its so not worth it to do so...

Some even purposely find a rich bf... then purposely pregnant so that they can fulfill their dreams of marrying a rich husband.... Sigghh....

Whatever happens to girl power? What ever happens to girls are able to take care of themselves... Whatever happens to gender equality? Ok, strength wise, we girls can never win guys... But making money wise, we can always fight for it... Do we really need to depend on husband to feed us? Do we really need rich husbands so that we dont have to work anymore? This sounds more of like a damn useless woman to me...

Oh, n dont start flaming that im jealous cause i cant find rich bfs... =_=""" Those of you who knows me well enough would know why i dont necessarily need a rich bfs...

Im just saying, its not wrong to have a rich husband to spoil u for this n that... but its just so wrong to totally depend on them? Ever think of future wise if ur marriage went wrong? You cant divorce cause u got too dependent on them... They will step on you upside down cause they can control you with their money... Come on man... Your financial have been control by your parents when u were little until u finish studies.. then when u get married, takan u wan ur husband to step on you with his money forever?

Aiya.. change topic...

Why would a girl let herself down by being in a relationship that sounds so wrong? Im in this category all the time... When i first started a relationship with someone, i know it feels wrong... i know there is no future together... but i still bloody hell love to digg the hell hole n went into it... sighhh... Then end up feeling like shit... I always end up with someone that i know i have no ending with.. but i still love that person very much regardless...

But i do have friends or guys friends which i think we both are very matching in career wise, thoughts, opinions and goals in life... But i never seem to be able to have the love feeling towards them.. cause thats probably we've been friends too long... So we end up being best friends... My close guys friends are very compatible with me in thinking wise, but i have no feelings at all towards them...

My love life havent been perfect though...

Bf One - I thought i could spend the rest of my life with him... even all fortune tellers and our horoscopes are very matching... He taught me alot... We might have even got married this year... But the problem is that, he likes to lie... Just have to lie for no reason... And he is not making enough for me to feel contented... And so not hard working at all..... very hot tempered... i had 5 hell years with him... full of traumatic experience of fucking mind games and temper... So i knew i have to get out soon enough to save myself..

another BF - He taught me how to loosen up... things dont have to be serious all the time... He never fail to cheer me up when i was down... He was younger than me.. i nvr did appreciate him at all cause i'll go crazy cause i was fucked up from previous relationship that i turned into someone very hot tempered.. But he loves me enough to be stuck with me for almost 2 years....

Then i stayed single for a while... along the way, i met people which i thought i could possibly have a relationship with... but they all ended up making me feel hurt... which i believe it is karma... im still serving my karma till today by the way....

Men 1 - He is so indesicove of wat he wants... he is torn between loving me or his ex gf of 7 years which is obvious cannot be saved anymore... Which he ended up choosing n being with another different girl who is a crazy freaky possesive woman... but he still loves her alot regardless...

Men 2 - We were very sweet together... i was happy being with him... we could click really well n talk really well with each other.. we were all sweet, honey n roses... just suddenly one fine day... he refuse to talk to me anymore.. Its like yesterday we were like i miss u, good night sweetie... muax muax... the next day, when i tried calling, he no longer pick up my phone... his excuse was a damn lame wan... which i dont buy the excuse he gives me n i still dont know what i did wrong till today...

Men 3 - He is the type of guy my parents would love for me to have... If we were to end up being together, i think n believe, we would have a very bright future building career together... Everything is fine about him.. except that sometimes he loves to talk really lame stuff... *swt* *swt* but unfortunately... He has a gf of 10 years... Logically thinking, common sense for normal people... people would rather him choose the 10 years gf than me, the girl he only known for 6 months... Even though i do like him... but i know for sure, there is no future together... As i know, he owe alot to his gf... His achievement in his life... all owed to his gf of 10 years that have helped him alot along the way... But what have i done for him? Seee... sigghh...

Im always in such sticky sad situation that will nvr work for me... sighhh... when will my "The One" appear in my life? I starting to lose hope that there is ever the one for me...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Homeless by Leona Lewis

Waiting here
For you to call me
For you to tell me
That everything's a big mistake

Waiting here
In this rainfall
Feeling so small
This dream was not suppose to break

I'm so sorry now
For the pain I caused you
Wont you please forgive

But you don't love me anymore
You don't want me anymore
There's a sign on your door
No vacancy, just emptiness
Without your love
I'm homeless

In this cold
I'm walking aimless
Feeling helpless
Without a shelter from the storm

In my heart
I miss you so much
Missing your touch
And the bed that used to be so warm

I'm so sorry now
For the pain I caused you
Wont you please forgive

But you don't love me anymore
You don't want me anymore
There's a sign on your door
No vacancy, just emptiness
Without your love
I'm homeless

My, My baby
I'm sorry

But you don't love me anymore
You don't want me anymore
There's a sign on your door
No vacancy, just emptiness
Without your love
I'm homeless

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nokia Nuffnang Silent Halloween Rocks!

Why it rocks???

First off, I met hell alot of ghosts that night... Some were of course pretty ghosts, scary ghosts, ugly, barely unrecognizable, weird looking, funny looking.... alot of nonsense...

As i was having bimbotic moment that time, i of course decided to go as pretty ghost... I was actually planning to go there as a sexy devil... i mean real sexayyyyyyy.... but last minute decided not to... cause i thought there might be hell lots of devils already....

So i went as Marilyn Monroe... with my own real mole... My mole is almost exactly the same side as Marilyn Monroe's mole ok!!!

Someone thought it was a fake mole... *swt* *swt*

Ohh... I met loads of ghosts while registering outside...

And i especially cannot recognise Michael Jackson at all!!! Cause this Michael Jackson was standing right in front of me, smiling.. and i was like.. who the toot is this? It took me a few seconds to register who is that until i saw the name tag! *swt* *swt*... Seriously couldnt recall that Michael Jackson was that chubby... HAhahhahaaha!

Notice the pic above, it was taken when Michael Jackson was smiling at me and i was still so blur to realise that it was Kenny!

After registering, I went inside and saw the crowd...

Fuhh... everyone fully dressed n seriously dressed!!

I met new ghost friends... eventhough some of them are not officially dead yet... lol... but they will be soon... muahahhahaa....

I saw my twin... Another Marilyn Monroe but this one is the future me with white freaking long hair....

A so called vampire who has grey hair...

My best friend from hell, the Fallen Angel... That doesnt look that fallen cause we were busy giving kisses all around... muahahaha....

The Jabbawockeez...

Kurt Cobain... which at first impression, i thought Kurt Cobain was wearing pyjamas...

Then a scarier version for Kurt Cobain... which i was really supporting him to win the Best Dressed for the night...

This is how the future Michael Jackson would look like...

And Michael's pretty french maid!

Dr. Evil... who actually isnt that evil in real life... but that dolly sure looks scary n evil to me... i hate dolls like that!

Oh, n i almost got strangled by a mummy... which u can see, i was willing to let the mummy strangle me... ahhahaa... im a sicko, i know... lol...

And hey look! I even spotted A milk carton that contains Melamine! How cool!!! See.. i love milk with melamine that im kissing it!! *we r dead anyways, so why worry about melamine?* hahhahahaa....

And loads more weirdos along the way... lazy to elaborate one by one adi... muahahahaa....

The best highlight of the night were actually game playing...

First was me being wrapped up as a mummy with my group...
I tell u.. it was damn hard to breath through the toilet papers ok! I felt like i was going to die the second time! *as in Marilyn Monroe's point of view la!*

Then this second game we play.. fuh!! This is a tiring killer game to me!

Being a kiasu me... Marilyn has to be a very damn kiasu woman ok!... We r suppose to protect the balloon provided to us till death do us part! and of course, the last one to have their balloon not burst, will win RM100!!!

So at the beginning of the game, i was running around happily n easily bursting people's balloon with my sharp nails... and then... and then... i burst the wrong balloon... the damn owner of that damn balloon came chasing me all the wayyy.... i went left, he went left, i ran right, he ran right with me.. his main target is to just burst my balloon... *ooppss, i dont think that sound right* but anyways... yeah.. he leave me no choice but to hide my balloon under my dress....

And i ended up like this... And this joker doctor is the guy that was chasing me all around la... damn u... hahahahaa...

10 to 15 mins later... he is still beside me... so i had to crouch so hard... protecting my balloon with the toilet papers that were left on the floor from the previous game.... and his hands is still trying to burst my balloon... luckily im a girl.. ahhahaa... cause he wouldnt dare to simply touch me... or elseee.... or elseee!! I would have yelled out and framed him for molesting me... ahahahaha.... *just joking k!*

But bugger... so kiasu also no use.. cause i did not win...

This bugger wins the RM100.... cause he is the tallest ghost around... no one can ever reach his balloon man...

After all the tiring but extremely fun game.. we ghost started to feel hungry... and right before we wanted to kill each other to eat eachother up, we were served good food...

Ghost can hungry also wan k.... See all the ghost n weirdos lining up for food...

And we ghost even eat together.... Hehehehe... *nvm me there, i dont know wat i was doing that time* :D :D :D

After eating... the highlight of the night is finally here... silent dance!

Can u see me grooving with the music in my ear phone.... *awww... i miss my phone... I lost my phone!!! GRRRRRR.... *

It really felt weird at first dancing with ear phone and knowing its all quiet n etc on the outside... dont know how to explain la.. but it feel really damn weird k...

In between the party, there were live band performing... such as the Alaling and the Kaya Koks (weird name), Dose 2, and another band that performed last... (forgotten their name).... they were not bad to some people... and some people loves it... But to be honest, their music is not really my taste... so i dont have much comment about it.... *have to be honest la, everything puji puji, then this entry will sound fake right?* HAhahahaa....

There were a total of 9 Nokia XpressMusic phones were given out as prizes that night ok!!! 9!! Jio.. Kau!! Sembilan! Nine!! Fuhh... and i got none from that night... *swt* *swt*... i only got the door gift, which i especially likey... RED COLORED NOKIA WRISTBAND 2GB THUMB DRIVE!!! RED OK!!! RED!! N 2GB somemore!!! fuhhh!!! Luckily i did not lose it along when i got robbed the other day, cause i was carrying that thumb drive with me the day before i got robbed...

Let me quote this from the Nuffnang blog site... "The Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween was no doubt one of our best events which we had great time putting it together thanks to the support of Nokia and our partners MEDIACOM, JWT and Text100." Which i totally agreed!!! This time the prizes given were so genorous n alot... 9 mobile phones were given away! How many of u all have attended an event that gives 9 mobile phones in one go ha???? None so far right??? HAhahhaa...

I hope i can win the N96?? Can arr..? Can this blog entry deserve a winning? I just lost my mobile phone in a stupid incident.... I really hope to win the mobile phone? Can? Yes? No?

To show u how much i really want the phone...

See, i am even willing to stick my tongue into a bodyless, disgusting head... LOL!!!

But however... to be honest, i really enjoyed that night... and those who didnt go n lose out your chance to go that night... i can give u 2 words!! Your Lost!! *and u know who u r!* hahahahaaa.... ;P

Anyways... I heart Nuffnang for giving me wonderful n interesting life.... *arent i such a boot licker ay?* muahahahahhaa.....

Monday, November 10, 2008

Madagascar 2 - Escape to Africa!

"I like to move it, move it...
You like to move it, move it...
We like to move it, move it... MOVE IT!!"

Thanks to Nuffnang and United International Pictures Malaysia, i was invited to watch the Premier Screening of Madagascar 2 - Escape to Africa!

The movie was superb! But although most people says that the first Madagascar is better than this second one, I still think this second one is still nice, hilariously funny and i really needed the laughter after all i've been through for the past months of nonsense!

Warning: May contain spoilers ahead...

This time, this movie focus more on the chracter's homeland, where they supposingly belong... they showed how Alex the lion end up in the New York Zoo ever since he was a cub lion...

So the whole movie started off with the New Yorkers get on that plane in Madagascar to take off to New York but their plane crash into Africa... Like what you see in the preview...

Take note though... The character of baby/cub Alex is actually the voice of Ben Stiller's son! (FYI, Ben Stiller is the voice for Alex; for those of you who didnt know!)... So take note while watching it ya! I didnt know it when i was watching the movie till i read their production notes (which is like 50 pages long ok!) is the voice for the character Moto Moto... Wanna know who is Moto Moto? Go watch the movie!!!

I guess thats all i want to say... go watch this movie... it really worth it to watch it especially if u r all stessed up about life... (yes, i hate my life atm!)

I would rate this movie 4 out of 5!

Yeah... I like to move it move it...

Tralalallaaaa.... back to sucky sulking life!

Thursday, November 06, 2008


i know i know im suppose to like update on many many things... i know im suppose to write about my Kuching trip.. I know im suppose to write about Nokia Nuffnang Silent Halloween Party... Somemore i need to review about Madagascar... Oh, didnt i tell u that i went to watch the premier screening of Madagascar 2 yesterday night? Thanks to Nuffnang i got the prmier screening... it is still very very funny.. hilarious n all.. but most people says the first Madagascar is still funnier than this seond one...

Sorry sorry... really been busy! And im going off to somewhere tomolo night until Sunday night.. which i will tell u about it when i come back... been very busy... and hor... Im especially busy today!!

Fark!! My car, front passenger window got smashed and my handbag was stolen!!! Like seriously wtf wtf wtf wtf!!! My most precious is my purse and my handphone... Sighh.. gone my Gucci purse!!! So i have spent the whole day cancelling my credit cards, my handphone, make police report... watever fucking thing that u need to do when u lost ur handbag la... Then went to fix back my car window at Toyota Service center... got it by 6pm... somemore in the process of go collecting new credit cards and new atm cards! Tomolo still need to go activate back my Maxis line, change houselocks n etc etc.... FUCKING TROUBLESOME OK!!!!

How did it happen? I was at Bangsar area... working.. as in inspection some double storey terrace house around that area... I was merely like 10 feet away from my car... I stupidly left my handbag in the car, cause i thought... since my car is within my eye sight and im inspecting the damn house by the road side... So i was afraid someone might snatch my handbag while i was standing by the road side.. so i leave my hand bag in my car... Little do i know, both ways also die la... If i were to carry it with me and got snatch from me itself will prolly be worse than the damn low life mother fucker thief smashing my car window... cause u know never know... i might prolly be dragged a few metres before i can finally let go off my bag (knowing the fighting spirit in me...)... So yeah.. this is how it happened!

When i was so into looking at the house, i was behind some truck (not shown in the pic below), i heard my car alarm went off... My first thought.. "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!!! ARRGGHHH!!!" I ran with my high heels as fast as i could only to see my car window smashed! I did not see anything nor hear anything cause i was only concentrating on.. "Must faster run to car! Run! Run! Run!" So i see no shit! But some passerby said they saw a motorbike speed off with 2 person on it... Haihhh...

Wasted extra RM190 to fix my damn window... (as if im not broke enough)

That idiot must have used hammer or something... Impossible that hole is made by helmet! And i tinted safety tint on my car window ok!! Also blardy no use! Now i can see the usefulness of the safety tint! @$##$@%@&#$@

First reaction when i first saw my window smashed: Shocked, speechless...
Next reaction when i realised i lost all my phones n contacts: I yelled!! And throw all my files, pen n my camera around (cause i was carrying them to do house inspection)... Then i thought.. nvm... go to public phone n call ppl...

3rd reaction when i realised i dont even have money to call: I cried n yell... until everybody that passes by came n look n asked me wat happened which i didnt bother to answer... Just stood there crying n n yelling hysterically...

Then i borrowed someone's handphone to make phone call... 4th reaction: stunned again, wondering who to call cause i cant remember anyone's number in kl n i have no bf to call! Haihhh... cried more.... Try to calm down adi, then i called my office and asked a collegue to come help me... Haih... Being single at this kind of moment sucks!

While waiting for collegue to arrive, continue crying... mid way crying, i felt the urge to smoke.. wanted to look for cigs... then remembered... fuck! got stolen as well!! KNN!!! A lot of feelings, emotions n reactions involved in this process wei... tiring sial...

Haih... bad luck like shitttt.... I curse the mutherfuker that stole my handbag till death that he will just die in a horrible accident or maybe not die.. he will just get into an accident n then turned vegetable for the rest of his life suffering the pain!!! Im fucking serious!

Thats all for now... am really really tired and its 4am now! I will have a really long day n night to go tomolo.... Tilll then... will update next week i hope!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crush by David Archuleta

I hung up the phone tonight
Something happened for the first time deep inside
It was a rush, what a rush

'Cause the possibility
That you would ever feel the same way about me
It's just too much, just too much

Why do I keep running from the truth?
All I ever think about is you
You got me hypnotized, so mesmerized
And I've just got to know

Do you ever think when you're all alone
All that we can be, where this thing can go?
Am I crazy or falling in love?
Is it real or just another crush?

Do you catch a breath when I look at you?
Are you holding back like the way I do?
'Cause I'm trying and trying to walk away
But I know this crush ain't goin' away-ay-ay-ay-ayy
Goin' away-ay-ay-ay-ayy

Has it ever crossed your mind
When we're hanging, spending time girl, are we just friends?
Is there more, is there more?

See it's a chance we've gotta take
'Cause I believe that we can make this into something that will last
Last forever, forever

Do you ever think when you're all alone
All that we can be, where this thing can go?
Am I crazy or falling in love?
Is it real or just another crush?

Do you catch a breath when I look at you?
Are you holding back like the way I do?
'Cause I'm trying and trying to walk away
But I know this crush ain't goin' away-ay-ay-ay-ayy
Goin' away-ay-ay-ay-ayy

Why do I keep running from the truth?
All I ever think about is you
You got me hypnotized, so mesmerized
And I've just got to know

Do you ever think when you're all alone
All that we can be, where this thing can go?
Am I crazy or falling in love?
Is it real or just another crush?

Do you catch a breath when I look at you?
Are you holding back like the way I do?
'Cause I'm trying and trying to walk away
But I know this crush ain't goin' away-ay-ay-ay-ayy
This crush ain't goin' away-ay-ay-ay-ayy
Goin' away-ay-ay-ay-ayy

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Its confirmed!!!

Its confirmed!!!!

I have decided to go diving again!! At Pulau Dayang, Johor... Yay!! I cant wait!!! Heheheee... Bad news is, im gonna waste more money... -____-"

I was thinking, if i dont go this trip, i wont have anymore chance to dive this year.. so might as well just go la... then come back eat sand (direct translation from hockkien) for the rest of the month... ehhehhee...

But still... i cant wait.. After my Pulau Dayang dive, i will be qualified to take advance open water already... yay!! Will take it next year... cause i will be so broke after the trip... Heheheee....

Another good news... Its confirmed!!!

I got my E-vite for the Nuffnang Nokia Slient Halloween Party!!!

Now i have headache... have to seriously really think what to wear for the party.... :D :D :D :D :D

Will see u nuffnangers there ya!!! Bet we gonna have loads of fun!!!

Ok, gtg... more updates after i come back from Kuching... *another waste money thingy* *swt* *swt* *swt*

P.S: Anyone going to the Mamma Mia the Musical? Im goin too.. booked my tickets to watch them already... going with my dearest parents and siblings... Its so damn hard to book the damn tickets wei... I got quite shitty seats as well... haihh....

Take care peeps!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh So Random Blogpost...

This blog post is going to be many different random things that i will talk about...

Yesterday went to the official opening of Club Quattro... Damn jam packed like sardines... its expected cause its the first day of their opening....

Now for total random camwhoring pics.... We did not take much pictures there as it was basically jam packed everywhere... so our camwhoring places r just limited to mainly the Winter Bar area.. and the Winter Garden... lol... and of cuz the Raining Pathway... Hahahahaa...

Me and Steph at the entrance... just right outside the Autumn Club...

Its in the Winter bar... right before u enter the Winter Garden... *read carefully at the sign* Like seriously wtf.... I dont think people r that jungle monkey (direct translation from hockkien) to actually eat the snow harr???

Me likey this pic effect very much...

Inside the so called Winter Garden.... This dress makes me look like im pregnant... its as if im wearing maternity dress... *swt* *swt* gotta diet fast already! I cant take feeling n looking fat!!

See... i look fucking fat standing beside steph.... sighhh....

Another one of those camwhoring pics with steph... want u all to look at us until u all feel sick n start puking.... ahahhahahaaa...

Me at the raining pathway... Kinda cool wei... lol...

Damn... these posers ha... lol!! lol!!

One thing i like about Quattro is that they serve Guiness Draught!!! Hahahaaa... Now i know where to chill n get loads of Guiness... Hahaha...

Alot of people that went there yesterday complained that its damn boring... But i believe mainly because of too many people n etc... the music kinda suck also... but i'll give a chance... i will go there again one weekend when its all settled down n see... I think its a nice environment... Cause 4 different season for 4 different concept... Its a good concept...

Ok now off to other Random stuff.....

Like i said... im going off to Kuching! Yay! This is going to be my first time to East of Malaysia... Actually going there to waste money again... =_="

Got a friend asked me to go to Pulau Dayang, which is near Johor i think... To go diving... On the 7th, 8th and 9th Nov... Am still thinking n deciding whether to go or not.... But its diving worr... I so want to go!! I miss diving loads!! But i have to spend another RM800 plus for that trip... =____________=

If i go, it will be another sum of cash gone.. Haiya... im so broke wei.. travel alot these days... But if i dont go, i cant go diving until next year already! Cause its monsoon season now till next year!... if i go, im gonna be soooooooo broke that its not even funny... how how how??? can someone help me decide whether to go or not??? haihhhh..... so indecisive of me.... *ahem ahem* knowing me, i think am gonna end up going... *swt* *swt* *imagine money flying awayyyyy.....*

Will see how much i spend in Kuching first la ha... lol lol lol....

Ok now for another random thing...

3 of these pictures taken from Stickgal....

Lonely - Im feeling lonely... i wan someone by my side.... but....

I have tried going for dates n etc... It just wouldnt work out bcos i cant feel the total utter fancy i could have with the guys i date...

This is because....

Someone is always on my mind.... sighhh...

Thats all for total randomness of today's blog.... Muahahhaaa... damn kau random right? Lol... Am happy n feeling random today cause of something that happen just now... ahhahaa.. :D :D :D

P.S: Can u people please answer my poll question at the side? I need to know what u guys think ya...

P.P.S: My dearest housemate Alex... i have just helped him to create a blog... He said he wanted a blog to pen down adventures n travels as his new job requires him to travel around the world to work... So, his first assignment is to Dhaka, Bangladesh... Therefore, now he's already in Bangladesh... (which now im feeling damn extra lonely cause he's not around anymore)... Do read his blog if u r curious about Bangladesh lifestyles... :D :D In future, he of course might be assign to many different countries in the future which possibilities to many really low third world country like Iran or to really good country like Japan... Alex's Blog....

Thats all...

Thank u Thank u peopleeeee....

And U... U..... I miss u loads!!!! :D :D :D :D :D