Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crush by David Archuleta

I hung up the phone tonight
Something happened for the first time deep inside
It was a rush, what a rush

'Cause the possibility
That you would ever feel the same way about me
It's just too much, just too much

Why do I keep running from the truth?
All I ever think about is you
You got me hypnotized, so mesmerized
And I've just got to know

Do you ever think when you're all alone
All that we can be, where this thing can go?
Am I crazy or falling in love?
Is it real or just another crush?

Do you catch a breath when I look at you?
Are you holding back like the way I do?
'Cause I'm trying and trying to walk away
But I know this crush ain't goin' away-ay-ay-ay-ayy
Goin' away-ay-ay-ay-ayy

Has it ever crossed your mind
When we're hanging, spending time girl, are we just friends?
Is there more, is there more?

See it's a chance we've gotta take
'Cause I believe that we can make this into something that will last
Last forever, forever

Do you ever think when you're all alone
All that we can be, where this thing can go?
Am I crazy or falling in love?
Is it real or just another crush?

Do you catch a breath when I look at you?
Are you holding back like the way I do?
'Cause I'm trying and trying to walk away
But I know this crush ain't goin' away-ay-ay-ay-ayy
Goin' away-ay-ay-ay-ayy

Why do I keep running from the truth?
All I ever think about is you
You got me hypnotized, so mesmerized
And I've just got to know

Do you ever think when you're all alone
All that we can be, where this thing can go?
Am I crazy or falling in love?
Is it real or just another crush?

Do you catch a breath when I look at you?
Are you holding back like the way I do?
'Cause I'm trying and trying to walk away
But I know this crush ain't goin' away-ay-ay-ay-ayy
This crush ain't goin' away-ay-ay-ay-ayy
Goin' away-ay-ay-ay-ayy

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Its confirmed!!!

Its confirmed!!!!

I have decided to go diving again!! At Pulau Dayang, Johor... Yay!! I cant wait!!! Heheheee... Bad news is, im gonna waste more money... -____-"

I was thinking, if i dont go this trip, i wont have anymore chance to dive this year.. so might as well just go la... then come back eat sand (direct translation from hockkien) for the rest of the month... ehhehhee...

But still... i cant wait.. After my Pulau Dayang dive, i will be qualified to take advance open water already... yay!! Will take it next year... cause i will be so broke after the trip... Heheheee....

Another good news... Its confirmed!!!

I got my E-vite for the Nuffnang Nokia Slient Halloween Party!!!

Now i have headache... have to seriously really think what to wear for the party.... :D :D :D :D :D

Will see u nuffnangers there ya!!! Bet we gonna have loads of fun!!!

Ok, gtg... more updates after i come back from Kuching... *another waste money thingy* *swt* *swt* *swt*

P.S: Anyone going to the Mamma Mia the Musical? Im goin too.. booked my tickets to watch them already... going with my dearest parents and siblings... Its so damn hard to book the damn tickets wei... I got quite shitty seats as well... haihh....

Take care peeps!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh So Random Blogpost...

This blog post is going to be many different random things that i will talk about...

Yesterday went to the official opening of Club Quattro... Damn jam packed like sardines... its expected cause its the first day of their opening....

Now for total random camwhoring pics.... We did not take much pictures there as it was basically jam packed everywhere... so our camwhoring places r just limited to mainly the Winter Bar area.. and the Winter Garden... lol... and of cuz the Raining Pathway... Hahahahaa...

Me and Steph at the entrance... just right outside the Autumn Club...

Its in the Winter bar... right before u enter the Winter Garden... *read carefully at the sign* Like seriously wtf.... I dont think people r that jungle monkey (direct translation from hockkien) to actually eat the snow harr???

Me likey this pic effect very much...

Inside the so called Winter Garden.... This dress makes me look like im pregnant... its as if im wearing maternity dress... *swt* *swt* gotta diet fast already! I cant take feeling n looking fat!!

See... i look fucking fat standing beside steph.... sighhh....

Another one of those camwhoring pics with steph... want u all to look at us until u all feel sick n start puking.... ahahhahahaaa...

Me at the raining pathway... Kinda cool wei... lol...

Damn... these posers ha... lol!! lol!!

One thing i like about Quattro is that they serve Guiness Draught!!! Hahahaaa... Now i know where to chill n get loads of Guiness... Hahaha...

Alot of people that went there yesterday complained that its damn boring... But i believe mainly because of too many people n etc... the music kinda suck also... but i'll give a chance... i will go there again one weekend when its all settled down n see... I think its a nice environment... Cause 4 different season for 4 different concept... Its a good concept...

Ok now off to other Random stuff.....

Like i said... im going off to Kuching! Yay! This is going to be my first time to East of Malaysia... Actually going there to waste money again... =_="

Got a friend asked me to go to Pulau Dayang, which is near Johor i think... To go diving... On the 7th, 8th and 9th Nov... Am still thinking n deciding whether to go or not.... But its diving worr... I so want to go!! I miss diving loads!! But i have to spend another RM800 plus for that trip... =____________=

If i go, it will be another sum of cash gone.. Haiya... im so broke wei.. travel alot these days... But if i dont go, i cant go diving until next year already! Cause its monsoon season now till next year!... if i go, im gonna be soooooooo broke that its not even funny... how how how??? can someone help me decide whether to go or not??? haihhhh..... so indecisive of me.... *ahem ahem* knowing me, i think am gonna end up going... *swt* *swt* *imagine money flying awayyyyy.....*

Will see how much i spend in Kuching first la ha... lol lol lol....

Ok now for another random thing...

3 of these pictures taken from Stickgal....

Lonely - Im feeling lonely... i wan someone by my side.... but....

I have tried going for dates n etc... It just wouldnt work out bcos i cant feel the total utter fancy i could have with the guys i date...

This is because....

Someone is always on my mind.... sighhh...

Thats all for total randomness of today's blog.... Muahahhaaa... damn kau random right? Lol... Am happy n feeling random today cause of something that happen just now... ahhahaa.. :D :D :D

P.S: Can u people please answer my poll question at the side? I need to know what u guys think ya...

P.P.S: My dearest housemate Alex... i have just helped him to create a blog... He said he wanted a blog to pen down adventures n travels as his new job requires him to travel around the world to work... So, his first assignment is to Dhaka, Bangladesh... Therefore, now he's already in Bangladesh... (which now im feeling damn extra lonely cause he's not around anymore)... Do read his blog if u r curious about Bangladesh lifestyles... :D :D In future, he of course might be assign to many different countries in the future which possibilities to many really low third world country like Iran or to really good country like Japan... Alex's Blog....

Thats all...

Thank u Thank u peopleeeee....

And U... U..... I miss u loads!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stupid things i do when i cannot sleep....

These few weeks, i tend to have difficulties to fall asleep at night... And it got worse especially ever since i came back from Perhentian trip...

When i cannot sleep at night, i usually surf around the internet or read blogs... or...

i look for a victim to talk to in msn... and this happens...

Lady Jayne says:
belum tidur ke?
*jennifer* says:
baru balik from clubbing
couldn't tahan d cos rotting at home
Lady Jayne says:
aku emo sekali lagi... tak boleh tidur..
*jennifer* says:
jangan la emo...
Lady Jayne says:
mari kita cuba berhubung the bahasa malaysia..
*jennifer* says:
jom jom
Lady Jayne says:
sudah lama aku tak cakap bahasa..
i mean complate sentence in bahasa..
tengok la.. complete pun tak tau in bahasa..
*jennifer* says:
tapi saya mia bahasa tak baik la
Lady Jayne says:
u of cuz senang la.. kerana u baru habis spm tahun lalu..
*jennifer* says:
janganlah sedih lagi...mari mari... aku sayang
Lady Jayne says:
*jennifer* says:
tak senang ok....
kepala sya sudah mau pecah
Lady Jayne says:
jangan buat saya ketawa kuat kuat pada waktu malam boleh tak..
*jennifer* says:
bagus la
Lady Jayne says:
siapa suruh kamu minum banyak sangat
*jennifer* says:
u emo saya buat kamu ketawa ma
saya tak minum la haiyo...
kalau saya minum saya tak boleh balik rumah dah
saya akan jagi tomato
Lady Jayne says:
u berkelab dgn siapa?
*jennifer* says:
dgn kawan la.. tadi pi rumah kawan makan "rebus kapal" (steamboat)
Lady Jayne says:
*jennifer* says:
lepas tu pi kelab lo
Lady Jayne says:
if only u can hear i laugh...
*jennifer* says:
bahasa melayu
Lady Jayne says:
ok ok .. aku tak tau cakap sentence it dlm bahasa..
*jennifer* says:
kalaulah kamu boleh dengar saya ketawa
tu sudah tulis
Lady Jayne says:
sentence leh??
*jennifer* says:
fucking pro
Lady Jayne says:
oh ya..
woi.. bahasa...
*jennifer* says:
fucking....(kong keh)
Lady Jayne says:
boleh say guna kita punya topic perbualan malan inin dlm belog saya??
mau papar bagi orang tengok...
*jennifer* says:
saya pun baru mau beri tahu u
Lady Jayne says:
Ok la... kita papar sama sama..
*jennifer* says:
tadi u makan apa??
rebus kapal saya sedap lo...
Lady Jayne says:
saya arr.. makan urrmm... ehh.. susah cakap la..
bubur century egg..
*jennifer* says:
memang susah
Lady Jayne says:
dan... sago mangga...
*jennifer* says:
i pun tak tau..
wah i mau!!!
Lady Jayne says:
dan... ketam batang dgn keju..
*jennifer* says:
ketam batang
pi mana makan??
Lady Jayne says:
crab meat stick..
*jennifer* says:
i tau la
Lady Jayne says:
kepong la.. kopitiam..
*jennifer* says:
tak pi kelab kah?
Lady Jayne says:
tak ada leh...
malam ini malam sunyi senyap..
*jennifer* says:
wah...kamu sangat dalam( deep)
Lady Jayne says:

Lesson learnt.... No matter how good u were in BM when u were studying in Primary nor High school... U will suck later on... like me.. I left high school almost 9 years ago... and i left my BM along... *swt* *swt* I totally cannot converse a full proper BM sentence... Sigghh....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Perhentian Island!!!

I Heart Perhentian Island...!!!

I Heart Diving!!!

Ok... I went to Perhentian Island during the Hari Raya holidays on the 1st till the 5th of October...

I went with Michelle (a friend whom i know for like 15 years!!!) My gawd... did i like just say 15 years??? Im OLD!! OLDDDD!! Ok... enough with my crap...

And i also went with my sexy pretty crazy wacky Steph... Yeah... 3 crazy girls... just decided to just drive there.. actually there is suppose to be another 2 guys... but @$#$@$#$@& those guys... just suddenly couldnt make it... Grrr... Holiday is a holiday... Holiday must go on!! Cause we really need this break reallll badddd....

We started our journey at 1am in the morning on the 1st of Oct because michelle said we should start early to avoid the jam... But little do we know....

Little do we knowwwww.... There isnt a single soul on our way to Kuala Besut... Those who have been to Perhentian Island should know that the Kuala Besut jetty is where we take the speed boat to reach the Perhentian Island... There is of course some cars at Karak Highway... But when we reach those little small roads... Started from Bentong... not a single soul... of course there are those occasional cars that come n go... but imagine total darkness on our way there... with just 3 girls... We all didnt even dare to stop to go for a pee until like urrrmmm... Machang??? In between, we got shocked 3 times... cause there was once... a wild boar ran across the road... a kerbau right in the middle of the road and a cow.... damn... Of course Michelle was the driver on our way there as she is very familiar to the roads to Perhentian Island....

Bentong - Raub - Kuala Lipis - Gua Musang - Kuala Krai - Machang - Jerteh - Kuala Besut ----------> These r the way we used to go there n come back as well...

We reached the jetty at 7 plus am... with nothing to do until 10am... Cause due to raya... the speed boat is only available at 10am onwards (which usually 7.15am there will be one speed boat)... We had breakfast n waited....

We stayed at Cocohut at Perhentian Island, the Big Island...

No pictures this time... cause Steph was very free that she compiled most our photos into a video... So yeah... Have fun watching the video.... All thanks to Steph!!!

I dont think i wanna elaborate what i did there for the whole 5 days... But my time was basically spent on scuba diving... cause my whole intention of going there is to finally take my Open Water Dive... So im now a qualified, certified open water diver!!! Yay!!! This is one of the must do thing in my life before i die... lol lol lol....

I did my dive at the Small Perhentian Island.. called the Steffen Sea Sports.. introed by Michelle of course... cause Michelle is already an Advanced Diver... I wanna take Advanced course next year for sure!!!

I passed all my skills and theory paper on the friday... so i get a saturday to relax before i come back on sunday... So, i spent most of my time on saturday trying to get a tan... But shiatt.. I dont feel im tan enough... still fair.... I want to be very very very tan!!!

Back to diving... I dont know why i panic every single time the damn water goes into my mask.. yes i know how to get rid of the water in my mask while doing my dive... but i just hates it when water gets into my eye...

Im the type that... if lets say i were to get an eye infection or i need to put eyemo or eye drop into my eye... its totally impossible... Someone will have to force open my eye while i close my eye to put eyemo into my eye... im those kind... so, if i were to go swimming without goggles, im practically useless... sighh...

So i panicked most of my time under water for my first 3 dives... then my 4th n 5th dive, i got much better... I need to go diving more to get used to water going into my eyes....!!! Nvm... i'll be going to Kuching this 25th of Oct... Let me try my luck n see whether i get to go diving there or not... lol...

On the Sunday, me n steph started to get emo... emoing cause we both really dont feel like coming back to KL at all... Being there for 5 days was definately very stress free... peaceful... calm... nice... and even though we totally have nothing to do, we both feel so contented even to just sit there and look at the sea... My head felt very clear while i was there... i did some thinking about my life n especially my love life... and it was a very easy n not hard at all to think of what to do n analyse something bout my love life... And i made my decision what to feel n decide while i was there...

OK, back to Sunday... we both were like not really talking... emoing.. n saying good bye to the beaches in our hearts... And when i finally reach my car n start my journey back to KL... my stress came all back... cause of the freaking JAM!! FUCKING JAM OK!! Im the driver back home k.. I started the journey at 9.20am after pumping petrol.. and i finally reached KL at 7pm... With of course crazy driving in between.. cutting lines.. cutting lanes... like mad... seriously like mad... until i turned soooo stressed and angry due to stupid drivers...

U know what is my definition of stupid drivers?

1) Those who has no balls to cut the cue but then purposely block your way so that u cant cut...
2) Those who is half chicken shit.. want to cut dont want to cut like that.. I can dieeeeeee....
3) Those who cut cue.. but while cutting, drive so slowww... for fucks ha!! U r cutting n driving at the on coming traffic lane.. cut the cue faster la... idiots!!
4) Egoistic Men.. who cannot stand seeing girls like me cutting cue with bigger balls than them... and they end up trying to race with me to see who can cut more cars... wtf right??? damn childish man!!!!

Luckily Stephanie was quite cool about my driving skills that she didnt make noise... cause i think i was driving quite safely while she was awake... and when she fell asleep, i drive like mad woman.. cutting like nobody's business... lol... I think if she were to be awake to see that, it would definately scare her... lol lol lol... And luckily too, Michelle was not there... Michelle went back the day before cause she had to rush back to Penang to see her grandma who suddenly got hospitalised... If she was there that time while i was driving, she would have made so many noises n fuck me upside down... n prolly made it worse... Know y i say prolly made it worse? cause if someone yell or make me more stress... I cannot concentrate properly ler... lol....

After back in KL... me n steph have been emoing... missing our Perhentian Island holiday... We plan to go back there next year! Maybe end of March or early April!! HEheeheee.... We r still emo up till today u know... Heheheee...

Thats all about Perhentian Island....

This 25th of Oct till the 28th of Oct, i will be going to Kuching with my dearest Mel... Finally get to spend some time with her... catch up with her... miss her alot u know... I MISS YOU MEL!!! and of course... eat till kingdom fatness come... lol lol... hopefully i can get to go diving as well... :D :D :D :D :D


Friday, October 10, 2008

A Beautiful Mess by Jason Mraz

You've got the best of both worlds
You're the kind of girl who can take down a man,
And lift him back up again
You are strong but you're needy,
Humble but you're greedy
And based on your body language,
And shotty cursive I've been reading
Your style is quite selective,
Though your mind is rather reckless
Well I guess it just suggests
That this is just what happiness is

And what a beautiful mess this is
It's like we're picking up trash in dresses

Well it kind of hurts when the kind of words you write
Kind of turn themselves into knives
And don't mind my nerve you could call it fiction
But I like being submerged in your contradictions dear
'Cause here we are, here we are

Although you were biased I love your advice
Your comebacks they're quick
And probably have to do with your insecurities
There's no shame in being crazy
Depending on how you take these
Words I'm paraphrasing this relationship we're staging

And what a beautiful mess this is
It's like picking up trash in dresses

Well it kind of hurts when the kind of words you say
Kind of turn themselves into blades
And kind and courteous is a life I've heard
But it's nice to say that we played in the dirt oh dear
Cause here we are, Here we are
Here we are [x7]
We're still here
What a beautiful mess this is
It's like taking a guess when the only answer is yes

And through timeless words, and priceless pictures
We'll fly like birds not of this earth
And times they turn, and hearts disfigure
But that's no concern when we're wounded together
And we tore our dresses, and stained our shirts
But it's nice today, oh the wait was so worth it.


Another darn nice song... introed by Justin... Heheee...

The lyrics kinda reflect me... or what Justin says... Its like Jason Mraz is singing in a girl's view...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic

This time, i have learnt my lesson... better blog about it faster before i miss my chance to get the invites to this party wei... hahahalalalalala....

Im feeling miserable today... suddenly felt so lonely and shit... one of those emo days... so nvm me if i tend to talk too much crap... lalalalaaa....

This time, its seems like there is more rewards! They r giving out free Nokia Handphones!!!

Thank you Nuffnang for organising parties again... I need to attend parties to feel less miserable... Im having like post holidays blues... I miss my stressless, carefree life that i had in Perhentian Island!... I miss my diving as well... Oh on a happy note... I finally take my Open Water Diving course... And now im a certified Open Water Diver!!! Yay!!! I need to go more diving to get used to diving then i wanna take Advance Open Water!!! yay!!! Now i can dive practically anywhere in the world... *if i dare to* *swt* *swt*

My gawd.. i just realised i swerve to a totally different topic that i suppose to write today... Ohh... The Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween Party!

Im suppose to mention....

Why Nokia XpressMusic makes Halloween better?
Because rightt.... righhtt.... Those who get invites to this Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween Party will get chances to win the Nokia XpressMusic handphones...!!!!! WaHHH!!!

And its a silent halloween party... Im really curious is it like.... and urrrmmm... how silent can a party be when a bunch of bloggers are being put together huh??? As i know, bloggers r one bunch of noisy people ok!

I've never really been to a Halloween Party... and heck.. even if i did, im pretty sure i never actually wear a halloween costume to a halloween party... cause i was nvr fun like that... never into costume parties... But nowadays, i somehow have mental disorder that i can feel comfortable enough to attend costume parties...

Obviously this time around, i dont wanna bother getting creative and blog something out of extraordinary cause i've learnt my lesson... but im gonna target to win something else... Maybe like Best dressed or Best post-event post or Best silent dancer or the Wildcard prize... Muahahaha...

I was thinking what should i wear to the party if i do get the invites?

Maybe wear like Marilyn Monroe came back from the dead??? LoL LOL LOL....

Except maybe with something bloody in between? To make me look scarier... muahahha... *afterall, me n marilyn has mole at the same side* Heheheee....

Or maybe dress like Anna Nicole Smith??

This is like the most decent pic i can find of Anna Nicole Smith...

Damn... why do i have to coincidently pick blondes and both died bcos of drug overdose... and and.... both also has mole on the left side of their face... muahahhaaa....

I dont know what to wear actually... sighh... i prolly will wanna wear something red.. look hideous.. n look like a ghost... Maybe i would wanna wear what i'll prolly wear when i die... And i will put a make up that i would wanna look like when i die... Im serious... I actually thought of wearing red silky dress when i die... cause i dont believe by wearing red will make me an evil ghost!

Haiya... people say i look like a pale ghost when i dont make up... So i guess, i might as well dont make up to the party and i think i will scare enough people already!!! Muahahahaa....

But how does silent halloween party works? Does this means we r not going to have music play in the Borneo Baruk Club but only music to be played on our phones? If in this case, how can we talk to people when we put on our headphones? Confirm cannot hear other people talking wat.... Nevermind... Im getting more n more confused about things each passing day...

Im tired already... i dont know what to say anymore... But i sure hope i do get the invites to this party... :D :D :D I wanna win handphones!!! Heheheee...

Wanna know more of how u can win fabulous prizes and etc? Click Here...


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The words that i hold onto...

- Faith
- Perseverance
- Miracle
- Hope
- Determination
- Courage
- Confidence

These are the words that i hold on to... to live my everyday life...

These are the words that gives me strength to live through my day...

These are the words that i believe will give me success in the future...

These words will complement each other whenever i fail to have either one to live through my difficulties in life...

Faith - Gotta have faith in God and in yourself that the impossible will be possible...

Perseverance - To me, this part is mental strength... I have to be mentally strong to face the challenges that i will face in the future...

Miracle - I believe in miracles and they do happen when u really really really hope for it... It usually works for me when i think positive and be positive mentally as a person...

Hope - Its like miracle... Always think positive and hope for the best in everything that you do... When a person is postive and thinks postively, good things n positive things will come to you more...

Determination - To me, its like; when i have decided to do something or when im very determined into doing something, i will do it full heartedly and most times ended up being too determined cause my stubborness kicked in... *lol*

Courage - We all need courage to do things... with courage, dare to risk everything, dare to take chances... will always put you a step further than people who has less courage...

Confidence - When you have confidence in yourself, then only people will have confidence in you and believe in you more than those who dot have as much confidence... Having confidence is very vital cause it helps you make wise n good decision...

But being over confident is not good as egoism will come along with being over confident and thus will cause you to fall quicker than u had expected...

Always be down to earth and treat someone the way how you want to be treated...

Life is too short to be a failure...

I want to be something different... I want to do something out of the ordinary...

What have i achieve in life so far???

*note: this post is for myself and to encourage myself when i feel like giving up on certain things i do in my life*

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Happy Birthday Dearest Stephanie K!!!

This is a whole blog post specially for my dearest, closest friend, wacky friend, clubbing friend, event friend, lesbian in partner and also a sweet girl whom i consider as my sis as well...

Happy Birthday to you girl!!!

Hope you liked the Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake i bought for you...

Doesnt she look nice n sweet here? *psst... actually she is the other way round.. lol!*

Awww... a year older already... a year wiser... hope what you wished for will come true...

Of course, i wish everything the best for you... All your dreams and wishes come true... find the right man, the love of your life...

And of course no more kena jinx... u know wat i mean.. that we both have with guys... ahahahahaa....

This is like the nicest picture taken by Ren...


We celebrated her birthday in advanced at Pavillion... The day when we all went to Hennessy Artistry... And now she is with me in Perhentian Island... Holidaying ourselves out...

So she is celebrating her real day with me... muahahahaa.... dont get jealous k guys...

Happy Birthday girl...

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