Monday, April 20, 2009

Hennessy Artistry First Party of the Year!!!


Hennessy Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ returns once again with a streak of amazing parties lined-up for music lovers this year...

And this time... its gonna be held at 2 places!!!!

click for a bigger view... =)

Yupp... 2 places!!! KL and Penang!!!

~~~For KLites... it will be held at:-

Unit 28 to 40, Jalan Doraisamy,
Off Jalan Sultan Ismail (Asian Heritage Row)

on the 23rd April 2009, Thursday

~~~ For the Penangites ~~~

Tanjung City Marina,
Church St. Pier, 8A Pangkalan Weld

on the 25th April 2009, Saturday

So... who will the star of the night for these 2 venues????

Starz Angels!!!

They are from France.... The duo Starz Angels are renowned in the world of DJ’s and producers alike... They are especially well known in France for their new unavoidable musical this tag-team have developed a unique Electro H Cube sound, unique and mixed, fueled by musical influences such as Funk, Electro, and Ethnic beats.... With a pulsating performance at The “Techno Parade” (one of the most important House events in this century) to more than 500,000 people, DJ Starz Angles is an assembly of energy that liberates all its musical eloquence during their live performances....


#She’s a star in every scene,
Nothing ever gets between us,
My Fantasy Girl (come play with me)
Dancing to me in her janes,
Nothing ever gets between us,
My Fantasy Girl (come play with me)

Yupp... the Caprice that sings Fantasy Girl!!!

Something about Caprice for those of you who dont know.... but who wont know Caprice la!!! He's the IN thing for now k...

Caprice, the cute 21 year old has achieved what many thought was initially impossible. He is one of Malaysia’s fastest rising urban youth icons, a singer cum rapper, and a well rounded entrepreneur. His passion for music, creative ambition and self expression has accelerated him into shooting two music videos, and releasing two songs that has become a no. 1 hit on - ‘Fantasy Girls’ and ‘Dem Girls’....

So i bet we gonna be able to see him perform his 2 big hits... yay!!!

Anyways, good news for Hennessy lovers and liquor lovers.... nice people from Hennessy.... of course and again, we all get to savour Hennessy V.S.O.P all night long....!!! Free flow of Hennessy!!!! I miss their 'Hennessy Miami'....

So cheers to DRINK DRANK DRUNK on Thursday and Saturday!!!

Im going to be at both places!! Yupp!! Im going for both KL party and Penang party!!! I love Hennessy too much to let it go.... Muahahahaa.... Hennessy Artistry organisers always organise good and mind blowing party.... They always have the best DJs to spin for the night!! U know, i have some friends that dont go clubbing... but they actually go clubbing because its Hennessy Artistry.... This is how much Hennessy Artistry event rocked! =) =) =)

So remember... event starts at 9pm on Thursday @ The Loft, KL and Saturday @ QEII, Penang!! Dont go there late, else u gonna have a wonderful time queuing outside with a freaking long queue and u will prolly miss out the perfomances from Starz Angels and Caprice.... So better come early k!!!

For more information, check out Hennessy Artistry’s cranking new website at

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So cant wait for Thursday to come!!! Muahahaahhaa!!! See you guys there!!!